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Reason Why The AP Widget Is Missing
Specialist - Level 1

On may 2010 a lawsuit was filed by active video against verizon for what they claimed was that verizon according to active video had stolen their idea for their technology where they said that verizon was working with them on trying to come up with something new that they could use for their fios tv but then verizon stopped working with them and verizon used that technology to come up with what is now a part of their fios tv. A federal judge ruled against verizon as did several others so verizon was ordered to pay 11 million dollars a month for the last two years until may 23, 2012 where they must stop using all of the things that active video said that they had originally come up with but were not paid for. Verizon is liable for up to 250 million dollars where anything that active video claims was their idea like the video on demand and widgets must be dropped by may 23, 2012. Cisco is now working with verizon as they are trying to find a way to try to keep what it is that they have but in a way that does not infringe on active video's designs which will be difficult as jeff miller the ceo of active video said "i want to make it clear that we will do everything necessary to continue to prevail in this case should verizon continue in its ongoing act of piracy. We will not hesitate to demand that fios vod (video on demand), widgets, and any other infringing services be terminated on may 23 if our rights remain violated." This comes after a woman just testified on behalf of verizon in front of congress where she said that fios will not be expanded beyond the areas where it currently exists right now. Verizon's ceo just received a compensation pakage that tripled what he normally would have gotten as he was able to fight off a verizon employee strike while also adding more customers. Verizon has shipped a lot of the jobs of their employees in the united states overseas to china where there are a lot of people on the verizon payroll over there where they will be making a lot less money than the current employees do while the ceo continues to make millions while his american employee's benefits and salaries are cut which is similar to what apple has done to their employees. That too is another reason why there has been so little assistance with customer's issues with the service because verizon employees are waging a war against their own employer while they are starting to bleed customers where verizon's stock price continues to drop as the wall street journal reported that verizon customer dissatisfaction is at an all time high.