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Remote codes: Can't find or won't work properly

Just switched from TWC to FiOS in NYC.  Had no problem with the TWC remote in setting up my Onkyo receiver and Samsung Blu Ray player. 

However with the FiOS remote:

1. None of the codes from Onkyo work in turning the A/V receiver on AND off.  I can get either or, but not both.  I tried all the listed codes AND the search functions, hitting the FF button 300 times.  Again, had no problem with the TWC code which was 3 digits, rather than the 4 digits on FiOS remote.  Tried adding a zero in front of that code but still no good.  I'd like to set up a macro so that all devices come on AND off. 

Until then, I programmed the Onkyo remote to power the TV and A/V receiver, but this remote only allows limited DVR functions.

2. Can't find ANY code to power on or off a Samsung BD-C5500 Blu Ray player.  Tried all codes I could find and even tried the search function, hitting the FF button over 300 times, and everything as in #1 above.

Any help?

Re: Remote codes: Can't find or won't work properly
Contributor - Level 2

Hey fabfab,

   You tried all of these codes 0517, 0600, 0771, 0847, 0926, 1071, 1102, 3317, 3324, 3343, 3351, 3390, 3397, 3418, 3429, 3454, 3466, 3517, 3521, 0072, 0766 and 1041 but nothing worked check the last three codes to make sure.  If the last three code does not work then you can contact Samsung for the universal codes that work with that model Blu Ray player.

Re: Remote codes: Can't find or won't work properly
Master - Level 2

Last resort option.

If none of those work, and the search function doesnt work so that the Verizon remote is not compatible. Then you can always go out and get a universal remote that will work with your blu-ray and reciever and program it for the Verizon STB.

The Verizon STB uses typical Motorola codes and works with almost all Universal remotes. You would loose some of the Verizon shortcut buttons (i.e. Widgets) but channel changing, power, and menu would work with 3rd party universal remotes. There's nothing that says you must use the Verizon remote.

Re: Remote codes: Can't find or won't work properly

I have a solution which has worked well for me. It uses the DVD button at the top of the remote. It was a trade-off as none of the codes in the RC144 Philips remote will work any Blu-ray players, so the DVD button was unassigned. The 922, 955 and 977 codes are explained in the directions for the FIOS remote.

1. Set up your TV button to work your TV.
2. Set up your Onkyo code, pick one to turn on the receiver.
3. Use the 9-2-2 code to cycle through all available codes to assign to the DVD button. At about a count of 300 I found one which will turn the Onkyo receiver off. Make sure you start this process with the ONKYO receiver already on. Once you find it press the OK button. YOu have now assigned the AUX button to turn on the ONKYO and the DVD button to turn off the ONKYO.
4. Use the 9-7-7 code to power all devices TV, AUX and DVD from the power button.

In this way, each time the power button is pressed it will send both the power on and power off signal to the ONKYO receiver.
This technique works well when you point the remote at the ONKYO receiver and press power button. Apparently the TV has better reception for the signal then the ONKYO does.