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Searching from the DVR needs serious work.

Not a new user.

The current search looks at the seach words in the order entered.  So BAD NEWS will find the BAD NEWS BEARS, but NEW BAD will not.  Please take a look at any search engine.   

Previously I could seach for a name like JUSTIFIED and and then OPTIONS would let me select On Demand or On TV or HD. . Now it just goes to how the keyboard works. 

Why cant I have a query that uses the air or production date?  I would like to be able to see what movies made in 2014 are in the program guide.  SO, search 1999 with option MOVIE.   The searches assume that you are looking for a specific movie, not all movies from 1935 that are horror.  

There was a time TV guide sold a monthly guide that showed all the premium movies for the month.  [only for DirecTV]. I would gladly pay for this service.  What the heck, I already pay Verizon $4,500 a year.  Whats a little more.

On the good side, adding season and episode number to the recording is a big plus.  This helps you figure out what you have missed when the guide data doesnt have NEW and you record only NEW shows.  I realize VZ is at the mercy of the guide supplier. 

Re: Searching from the DVR needs serious work.

Hi TimesUp,

We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback here on the forum regarding the search feature. While we always strive to update our software, there are challenges sometimes that have to be addressed to make it more functional. We do thank you for providing us with an example of what you were referring to as this will prove very valuable for us during the testing phase for any new updates to come for the future. And you are correct in that we have to work together with our suppliers but we do appreciate the feedback.



Re: Searching from the DVR needs serious work.

I have a NEW dvr for 6 weeks now. It has never worked right. It is slow as ----, when I go to TV guide and push recprd it takes up to 2 minutes for the little red dot to appear next to program. Now today (1/12/15) the dot no longer shows up so I have no clue if it's recording   now this forum piece of --- quit working...HELLO OPTIMUM

Re: Searching from the DVR needs serious work.
Super User
Super User

An update for Quantum is anticipated by the end of the month that hopefully will correct a lot of the slowness issues.

If you search the forum, you will see multiple threads already on this issue and all have pretty much the same answer.

Int he interim, a reboot (you can do via support menu) periodically (once a week or so) will greatly improve the performance.