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So Far So Good...

I've had Cablevision service for about 14 years, better known as Optimum TV back in those days, lol. We moved into our house in 1994, and then had cable until 2000, thats when we switched to DIRECTV. We needed faster internet, and got tired of Dial-Up, so we switched to Interactive Optimum (iO) Digital Cable in 2004. And kept them for about 6 years. For the last 3 years when FiOS started rolling out in our area, I was extremely hesitant to switch to FiOS knowing the nature of the beast that Verizon is billing-wise and customer service wise. We had Verizon Wireless for about 3 years and left it because it was simply too much to handle. It was simply too expensive. Anyway we took the plunge yet again and switched to FiOS, dropping Cablevision on June 28, 2010. I was sick and tired of losing the picture quality and having poor internet speeds with Cablevision. I had no premium channels and I was paying about 170 every month for iO Digital Cable, Phone and Internet with Optimum Online Boost.

Anyway I've had FiOS for roughly a week and a half and I'm really happy with it so far, its nothing compared to the slow laggy boxes that we had from cable, when I was returning the boxes back to Cablevision I was so amazed at how light they were and when I looked inside, they had almost nothing inside of them, hence why they are so incredibly slow. It was as if I was holding a piece of tinfoil, lol. I spoke to Cablevision countless times, asking them if they can offer me a reduced rate, or I'll switch they couldn't so I left them.

The FiOS STBs are so much faster and better than iO its just unbelievable, lol. I havent' recieved my first bill yet, that is the only thing I'm nervous about, I'm expecting to pay about 200.00 for the first bill since I have the Multi-Room DVR, and 2 HD Boxes with Showtime, Starz and Epix Package along with Extreme HD.

Of course 2 days later Cablevision is calling me asking me to comeback, claiming that they can offer me a better deal if I move back, I don't think so, lol.