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Spanish Package Blackout
Specialist - Level 1

I have had the spanish package from day one ever since i have had the triple play for my service and now i see that a package that i have been paying for all along starting today is now giving me a message of  "you are not subscribed to this channel" on all of the channels that are in the spanish package. Now i am actually paying for this and am not getting what i am paying for where all of the recordings that i have had set up to tape are not there since i have no access to those channels. I already paid my bill at least a week ago so i have paid for that package and everything else that i have with you so there should be no problem at all where what is going on is ridiculous where with 12 days left in the month i have now been put in a position where i am being deprived of something that has already been paid for in advance. Make the necessary changes to get this problem corrected because this has got to be some sort of a joke. In case you did not know i am the one who has been getting a lot of the things that are on the guide that are wrong fixed because your guide provider is incompetent and it is stunning that you are actually sticking with a company that is making you look bad by not having updated schedules running on the boxes. My primary focus has been on the spanish package which was almost all incorrect where recently things have improved after i started contacting the channels and your guide provider to get these channels corrected because my tickets along with the trouble tickets of other customers do not get to the network group that can make the corrections to have the most up to date information in your boxes. You can only imagine my reaction when i found out that a package that i have been working on getting corrected not only for myself but for others was completely blacked out all of a sudden where every recording that i have set up to tape has now been cancelled because of this nonsense. Please contact your techs and let them know that this is only an isolated incident where i would like what i have already paid for back on the air as soon as possible. While i am also on here let me point out that there are still issues with the data on the guide that still is wrong. I just spoke to the person who is responsible for channel 108 abc news now where they say that they have not been in contact with verizon or your guide provider in a long time so that is why you are running schedules that are at least a year old. If you were to try to watch channel 108 you will see that what is listed on the guide does not match what is playing. There is also the matter of several of your spanish channels being wrong but as i have already said since i have no access to those channels i can not verify which ones are wrong anymore and i can not even enjoy the ones that are right because verizon has made an error that has left me without something that i have already paid them for.

Re: Spanish Package Blackout
Champion - Level 1

Hello mm1

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