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TV packages and channels being eliminated by Verizon

I signed up for Fios and opted for the lowest level of channels which included Boomerang, for example. I then upgraded to the next package to get some additional channels. When the lineup was upgraded, I lost several channels that were inluded in the lower level package.

I called Verizon and spoke to a very kind representative who said there are four packages available and the only way to get channels back that I once had, would be to upgrade to the extreme package which would be an extra $20 a month.

I am so disgusted with Verizon. Including channels at level one, then excluding them from level two just to pretty much bait you into opting for level three.

Cable companies need to wake up! With Netflix and Amazon Prime (for example), the only thing I really needed is WIFI. My contract expires at the end of this year. Really considering changing cable companies for the reasons above or just securing WIFI only. Additionally, I personally think Verizon's ON DEMAND menu has an awful set up.

Re: TV packages and channels being eliminated by Verizon

You are so correct. I took the preferred Pkg including Golf channel 3 months ago as I switched from Brighthouse. A couple weks ago with no warning they deleted Golf channel. When I called they told me I would need to upgrade. When I asked who I could talk to they said no one. Tough in so many words. Terrible way to run a company. Least they could do is grand father in those already with the service.

Re: TV packages and channels being eliminated by Verizon
Super User
Super User

What typically happens is that over the course of your contract, Verizon will renew with content providers.

And like everything else, the prices invariably go up.
Verizon has the choice at that point to up the package price (only for new people choosing that package as current customers are locked in) and take a loss until people renew, or remove the channel and only carry it on a more profitable package.

I heard that some providers are carrying channels, but not all of the content (AT&T and Fox are fighting over increased cost due to new Fox NASCAR contract. Therefore, any NASCAR lieve envents on FS1 are not carried on AT&T).

Its a never ending game between the content providers and the cable providers.

And the customer always get squeezed.

Your rates go up, you lose channels or both.

Its not going to be much better when it comes to streaming.
Content providers want their money. As more people move from cable, they will have to raise streaming rates to make up for it.

Keep in mind that Veriozn (and other cable providers) pay the content providers for every customer that subscribes to a package that contains a channel. So the content provider can charge less per customer as they are making it up in volume.

As people drop cable, they will have to charge more per customer to make up the difference.