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The FIOS Channel Listings need to be rearranged.

When I first got FIOS over a year ago, there were slightly less channels, and the channels that were here were well organized by the group of 10 they were in. For example, the 50s are for major entertainment channels. The 70s to 90s are for Sports. It's logical.

But since then, Verizon have seemed to add channels at random. In the 190s, you have both Chiller and FearNET... as wel as E!... as well as the TV Guide Network, FuelTV, and ABCFamily. None of those are related. A ton of these channels need to be rearranged. Why is Sleuth inbetween Bravo and Logo? The 180s are as follows:

180 - Syfy

181 - A&E

182 - CRIME

183 - truTV

184 - GSN

185 - Bravo

186 - Sleuth

187 - LOGO

188 - Ovation

189 - BBC America

There is a logic to that. A&E, CRIME, and truTV should be togther, for example. But Syfy does not belong here. BBC America does not either, although it fits in well with 190 and 191, so I assume you could make that argument, though it breaks the channel listing logic.

The 460s and up don't make any sense to me. I don't even remember I have them. It's a random collection of channels that seem like they belong before the 50s, and are instead dumped at the end of the lineup. At the VERY LEAST, they should be before the PPV Channels, and not after. There's a bunch of PBS channels here, which is bizarre since there are a bunch of PBS channels in the <50s. And while I know you can't fit them in there because of all the Local Channels, it is confusing to me, as well as seemingly hiding the channels from me.

In addition to that, what is with the HD Channels? Some of them don't match their non-HD channel listing number. The Disney Channel is 250, for the non-HD version. For some reason, it is 780 in the HD version. It should be 750.

There are many areas where I would like to see improvement in simple things such as that. It's a much easier thing to fix than adding all the HD Channels I'd want 🙂