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Traffic and TMZ widgets Are Stuck
Contributor - Level 2

Good Evening,

TMZ has not updated in the last 3 days with old content from last week.  Also Today Traffic Widget is Stuck (no Traffic Incidents)? I find this to be unusual as it it memorial weekend at the Jersey shore and the traffic widget is not updating. We all know the traffic must be horrible going to the beach, etc. I live in N.J. zipcode 08879. 

 First it happened with the AP (Associated Press  Widget back in End of February; which still is not up and running; It was the most valued widget Verizon offered.  Now customers are getting  TMZ and Traffic  widgets not updating.

Can someone explain from Tech Development Program why these issues keep happening? 

Pretty soon we won't have any important widgets working. Which would really be Sad as these services are highly valued and we rely on them very heavily to plan our day, etc.

Any input/explanation  from the Tech Development Department would be deeply appreciated.   The widgets are Verizon's most valued and highly used by Verizon Fios Customers.  Come On Verion you have slipped the last 1-11/2 years in service.

"Lets Get Verizon Back To #1 Status" among the Fios Customers and future New Customers considering to sign on to Verizon Fios.

I hope someone from your management Team can give us a definitive answer on all 3 issues.

Thank you.

Re: Traffic and TMZ widgets Are Stuck
Specialist - Level 1

I posted about this topic several days ago when i noticed it too tiara on the widget not updating, logos missing, channels not matching thread. Verizon is in a huge legal battle against a company called active video which is in business with comcast and cablevision where those two companies (especially cablevision which is still angry about the fact that they had to give verizon the msg channels in hd because of a decision by the fcc) are pushing active video to go after verizon hard where the ceo of active video said that he will not just accept money but his goal is to shut down fios tv. Changes have been made to the on demand  because of the legal action and now the widgets are also being targeted too because active video says that they came up with that original idea which was stolen by verizon where several judges have agreed with them. Verizon has one last appeal left after 2 years of legal action where verizon's attorney michael kellogg said that verizon would prefer to pay just one large amount other than the 250 million dollars that they have been ordered to do to try to make these legal issues go away but active video says they want fios tv shut down. Verizon's argument is that they already have contracts with tmz and other groups to carry their widgets where if they were to terminate their widgets they would be in violation of the contracts that they had already signed with tmz and other groups whose widgets they carry. Google "turn off verizon's fios" and scroll down to the pc mag link to see the story. Another site you can check out is law360 which has the most up to date data about all legal actions in the country where if you go to that site just put in fios in the seach bar and check out the may 10 story. Until the legal matter is resolved things will not be getting any better as verizon employees are set to go on strike again this summer over the fact that their ceo got over triple a compensation package where he made over 23 million dollars in a big bonus as he was able to fight off his employee's strike last year while cutting verizon's employee's benefits and pay while verizon paid no federal income taxes but instead actually received close to 1 billion dollars in a tax rebate by paying a negative 3% tax rate while they short changed all of their employees.