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Typical wiring diagram
Can anyone direct me to the typical wiring diagram of a Fios DVR multiple room tv system,internet and phone. I currently have DTV with 5 tvs all inter linked and operational from any room. I want to continue this setup but need to run new wiring( based on where my satelitte enters my house verse where cable enters) where they would put the fiber panel. I want to run all the wiring myself and just let this tech plug in the main feed line.
Re: Typical wiring diagram
There is no such thing as a typical diagram. I will explain fios to you. The tech will run a fiber optic drop wire from the pole to your house. An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) will be mounted on the house usually next to the electric meter. A hybrid wire will be run to a location inside your home than has an electrical outlet as close to the ONT as possible where a BBU (Battery Backup Unit) and a PSU (Power Supply Unit) will be mounted. The tech will run an IW from the ONT to either your old NID or to the old protector inside the house for the telephone. The Data and Video use RG6 coax which will be run from the ONT to where the DTV is distributed. Hope this helps.
Re: Typical wiring diagram

While I agree with Telcoguru that there is no such thing as a "typical" FiOS installation, there are installations that are "fairly common" or "simple." I view mine fitting into the "simple" category, with two exceptions:

1) I have Cat5 from the ONT to my Actiontec router. This is because I installed FiOS Internet 3 1/2 years ago, before TV was available, and before the ability to use coax only became available. Since I already had cat5 installed, I chose to continue using it when I got an Actiontec about 6 months ago. A normal installation today will not have cat5 from the ONT to the router, unless you install it yourself, so just ignore it.

2) I have a PC at the other end of the house from the router, and do not have any cat5 run to that area. I wanted to have wired access for that PC, and since I had a leftover NIM100 from the original installation years ago, I used it to provide cat5 connectivity for that PC. Just ignore the splitter and NIM and assume a cat5 connection from a LAN port on the router to that PC.

I have three TVs, one HD DVR and two SD STBs, two wired PCs and one wireless.

Here is a link to my diagram: FiOS Wiring diagramFiOS Wiring Diagram

Maybe this will help some.

Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, and phone
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