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VOD Missing Episodes
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have been bothered with missing VOD too often but this REALLY HURTS.  I just returned home from being away for several weeks.  Breaking Bad HD episodes 09 and 11 are there but not 10. 

Is this VHO specific too?  I am in VHO 4.  I was also disappointed that 1.9 was still not loaded or even a message that it was coming.  I know I can go back read other posts on this topic but why bother.  Maybe by 2012.

I think VHO 4 stinks.

Re: VOD Missing Episodes
Contributor - Level 1

Check out the BBC America VOD thread before yours.  Verizon appears totally clueless if  you try to ask them anything related to the content of On Demand.   They simply cannot answer because they don't know.

I have emailed customer support five times to try to find out why they have not posted Episode 6 (the final episode) of a dramatic mini-series The Hour on BBC America On Demand.  It aired September 21, and it is still not there.  I would post the entire responses from Verizon for a good laugh here, if there was space.

"Call Tech Support"

"Do a Search"

"Try online chat"

Like I haven't scoured the Verizon guide On Demand every day to see if the episode has shown up.

I have contacted tech support in the past for content issues.  They don't have the slightest idea what the answer is. 

Nobody at Verizon seems knows anything about this.  It is like a black hole that nobody is responsible for.  You would think someone would know, but I have yet to find a human being at Verizon who can answer questions related to screwed up content.  Apparently nobody at Verizon is responsible for Guide or On Demand content. 

Re: VOD Missing Episodes
Enthusiast - Level 2

Same thing with Law & Order: UK on BBC America Video On Demand. Verizon doesn't seem to care that they skipped episode 5 (only 4 and 6 were available), and now that 4 is gone (and 5 never appeared), they've posted episodes 6 and 8, but not episode 7. It would be one thing if there were some kind of ban or blackout due to distribution agreements or whatever, but this just seems to be the lack of caring on the part of Verizon. (Of course this is only one of many examples of this type of thing happening. Several episodes are skipped on an apparently random basis, and for certain shows, the new episode is available sometimes within hours of the airing, but other times it takes up to a week or so. It's quite sad, frankly, that a multibillion dollar entertainment and communications conglomerate can't get Video On Demand to work.)

Re: VOD Missing Episodes

Verizon has poor Customer service when it come to On-Demand.

From Ben-10 on the Cartoon Network to Warehouse 13 on SyFy, Episodes are missing, or show for one day then dissapear or take days before they get posted. I never had and On Demand issue with Comcast.. 

I am still waiting for TCM in HD. I am still somewhat hopeful Verizon will put my local news channels onto On-Demand like Comcast has .( In Philly, Channels 3.1, 6.1, 10.1).

With Comcast the VOD showed up by Early the next morning. ie: NCIS was there by 1AM of the next day!

 Does anyone have a good Verizon Upper Mgmt contact who we can discuss these issues?  Verizon Phone Su[pport has no answer to any VOD.

Re: VOD Missing Episodes

At least I'm not the only one. These forums would be a perfect opportunity for Verizon to address these types of complaints. But instead these comments probably go unheard by the powers that be. I've lost total faith in these {word filter avoidance}

Re: VOD Missing Episodes

bbc america.... luther episode 3

1,2 & 4... but no 3??