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Verizon/Tegna Dispute

Verizon, y'all better figure out a way to resolve things with Tegna and keep WUSA on our service. Much of my watching is already on channels available for free over the air, and if I cannot get this one via cable, I may as well just get all the other "free" ones via antenna & settle for just losing the few other cable-only shows I watch via your service.  Delete my favorite channel & my cost-analysis ceases to make you worth the cost to me. A foolish move in a world already dropping cable for streaming.

The latest Verizon/Tegna dispute over WUSA9

Has anything changed regarding the ongoing contract dispute and possible WUSA9 blackout beginning on January 4, 2022?  It's been only three years since they came to an agreement over the same channels.

Re: Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Unbelievable that Verizon has dropped CBS in Washington.  I expect a major discount for not having the  #1 network available.

Verizon, pay what is expected.  You certainly charge us enough.

I even need to wait to call your office until normal working hours to lodge my complaint.  I will have to reconsider going back to Comcast.

Re: The latest Verizon/Tegna dispute over WUSA9

The channel has been removed as of January 4th. I’m about to remove Verizon Fios as my cable provider. 

Loss of WGRZ during Verizon-Tegna dispute

Tonight we were informed that Verizon FIOS and Tegna cannot come to terms about carrying WGRZ which is the local NBC channel in Buffalo.  In place of WGRZ, Verizon keeps running a very self-serving message that suggests that they are working with the best interests of its customers in mind.  Whether I believe that or not is irrelevant. 

Every month I pay a significant amount of money for FIOS TV programming.  In fact, this month Verizon passed through another rate increase. Now I have lost an important part of the programming that I am paying for.  While the Tegna dispute continues, how much of a credit will I receive on my upcoming invoices for the loss of the channels that I am paying for?

Re: Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31
Super User
Super User

Are you also complaining to TEGNA?

It takes two sides for an agreement.

We don't know how much more they wanted to charge.

If the fee went up a lot and Verizon had to raise their prices. people would complain to their cable providers.

As more and more people cut the cord, the income to content providers goes down.

They have to make up that income by raising the prices to all of the remaining customers.

And for those looking for a rebate.

My broadcast charge (I get both DC and Balt stations) is $6.50

Given the number of broadcast channels I get, I would suspect WUSA is less than $1/month.

Based on the last time this happened, they were off for 4-5 days.

And you can still watch CBS content (albeit not local content) via the CBS app.

Re: Verizon/Tegna Dispute

WUSA is not the only channel that has been dropped in the past couple months

Verizon you say you offer over 500 channels but in real it's about half that 

most are doubled between standard and high def. now cutting channels 

because of your greed is not giving me what i signed up for. 

You need to start adjusting the cost of your packages for these lost  

channels, or for one  i will be changing provider.

even if I have to pay the early termination, your service is not 

all that

Re: Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31

Nope....I don't pay Tegna, I pay Verizon for a channel package that is supposed to include all my local stations.....and now it doesn't.....this is 100% on them.....Am I going to get a discount now that they don't carry something that I signed up for?.......Yeah.....didn't think so.

Re: Verizon dropping WUSA9 on Dec 31
Super User
Super User

A quick check of Google reveals that Dish and Mediacom are also missing channels owned by TEGNA. Three carriers are now at loggerheads with the same content provider. The article I saw mentioned that Dish lost the channels in the Fall.

Re: Verizon/Tegna Dispute

How much of a credit will I be getting while I do not have NBC/WGRZ??

how do you just remove one of the three top networks? 
I am definitely looking  at switching services.

serious about the credit, by the way.