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Wiz v. Caps on CSN or CSN+

Any chance you can put the Wiz on CSN+ instead of the Caps? Or have a CSN+ HD option? The feed on the SD CSN+ for Caps games is atrocious. Comcast version of the same channel was much clearer, but still SD. Please.... pretty please....

I know there are starving fans w/ no access to CSN+ in Howard, but that doesn't mean I can't ask for even more!



Re: Wiz v. Caps on CSN or CSN+
Enthusiast - Level 2

I don't think that Wizards fans would be very pleased with your suggestion. Moreover, not all Wizards or Caps games are in HD, so a CSN+ HD channel would likely not have more than a handful of games. I sympathize with you regarding SD picture quality of hockey, though. Of course, living in Richmond, we currently don't have CSN+ at all. Verizon, wake up and change that for folks in areas getting CSN but not getting CSN+.

Re: Wiz v. Caps on CSN or CSN+
Specialist - Level 2

You're kidding, right? You want Verizon to change programming on certain channels based on your personal preferences? Well, first, Verizon contractually has no way to change what's on a certain channel. CSN and MASN make the decisions on what to put on their respective overflow channels, and distributors have no control beyond carrying the channels. Second, the CSN production quality for its plus channel is terrible. Did you see the replay of the NYI-WSH game a couple weeks ago? It was a replay of the game that was on the plus channel that was shown on the main channel the next day. The picture was fuzzy, and the "Comcast Sportsnet HD" bars were on the sides. This was even a home game where CSN had its HD truck outside. If Verizon were able to switch the games, it would look no better on the main channel. Unlike MASN, CSN did not even produce this game in HD. You probably remember when MASN would show a replay from MASN2 and it would be in HD, but this definitely is not the case for CSN.

The best we can hope for is that CSN will see fit to show all games in HD (they still don't produce every game in HD for the main channel), and that Verizon will carry CSN+/MASN2 HD somewhere like channel 501.

Just don't ask anyone at Verizon about this. They won't have any idea what you're talking about.