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Wrong description and cast info for a movie airing on Showtime channels

There is a movie airing on Showtime called "Thirst".   The description and cast info reflects a 2009 South Korean film of the same name. The actual movie showing a 2010 movie with Lacey Chabert

Re: Wrong description and cast info for a movie airing on Showtime channels

They also have the wrong description and cast for the movie "last man standing" with bruce willis that is on encore which is described as a movie with jeff wincott with an entirely different plot for the movie. They also have the wrong cast for that movie "2010" that was with roy scheider. It has john cusack and samuel jackson listed in it even though they were not in it. What is wrong there is that the guide has the cast of that movie "1408" that had cusack with samuel jackson in it. "The fast and the furious" movies also have the wrong descriptions on there too. According to the guide the description that is there is from that movie "point break" with keanu reeves and patrick swayze which is what the "fast and the furious" was for those of you who have not seen the movie. Both movies were about adrenaline junkies who are thieves where a woman who was close to that group of thieves ends up falling in love with the person who is trying to take down the gang. This problem of the wrong data does not just exist with movies. There is a show called "caso cerrado" which means "case closed" that is on telemundo monday through friday from 4pm-5pm that is a judge judy type of show but according to the guide it says that it is a cop show. The problem with that is that there is a show called "caso cerrado" on discovery en espanol that is a cop show and the guide is pulling that description for the telemundo show. The correct description by the way is there in the search menu if someone were to put "caso cerrado" in the search feature but somehow it does not appear on the guide. From this point on you and everyone else out there are going to have to be aware of the fact that many of the things that are on the guide will not match which may mean that you will be missing out on a lot of things that you may want to watch but will not be able to do so because it is not on the guide which they can correct but for whatever reason the corrections that need to be made will not be made by verizon.