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could verizon allow 20 particular channels within a package, customizeable

With so many varying programming suggestions, what about the ability to customize up to 20 channels within a given package.

Im not talking about the premiums (ie: HBO, SHO, etc.) or even most of the basic channels but I notice there are so many newer channels that are probably less than 15 years old which while some customers would insist they want, others may be willing to forgo to get access to an alternative channel.  This way, the customers get the most of what they want for the dollar and its still financially practical for Verizon, I would think.

I notice there are so many good channel choices, I feel Verizon's grand network and newer system may be able to get these channels to customers but, hey, how many channels can be offered for a package of a given price without having to remove others.  By delivering all the channels desired but also allowing the customer to modify 20 channels that Verizon feels can be a choice allows all customers to tweak their packages to their liking.

Re: could verizon allow 20 particular channels within a package, customizeable
Super User
Super User

I suspect the answer might simply be -- contractual obligations.  Many contracts with content providers often require the service provider to carry a package of channels (so if you get one particularly popular channel from a content provider, the contract may stipulate that the provider must also offer several other "lesser" channels).   It's the way content providers can gain exposure for their new channels whih otherwise a service provider like Verizon must not elect to pass thru.

Regardless however, I agree that having much more flexibility would be highly desirable.   I suggest however that you post this comment over in the "Share Your Ideas" section of the forums since it's not so much a question as a statement.

Re: could verizon allow 20 particular channels within a package, customizeable
Contributor - Level 2

True Ala Carte would immediately force 75% of the networks to go out of business.  Example: Let's say 10% of cable subscribers actually watch Game Show Network.  Let's say GSN gets $1 per subscriber to a package the channel is in, and say that's 100 million people.  So that's $100 million dollars.  Now, if you decrease that 10 fold, they'd get just $10 million.  They'd have to charge the subscriber $10 for the channel.  And once you start doing that, you're bill increases massively.