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possible to get a technician for cable install without 2 hours on hold??
Hey, I have a fairly simple problem but unfortunately, Verizon's labrynth-esque network of phone operators made it much more complicated. Quite simply, I have two cable boxes, one of them receives a signal, and the other does not. Is there any way of filing an appointment with a technician to resolve this without having to spend over an hour on hold? Every single time I've called, I've waited at least 20 minutes to talk to someone, and then, when I reach an actual person, they almost immediately transfer me to someone else, which is another 20 minutes at least.<br><br>If i'm lucky, I won't get transferred a third time, but even if I do reach someone, they can never seem to help either. My question is basically: what do I have to do to get a technician to come over and fix the cable line in my apartment? Do I HAVE to wait 2+ hours on hold everytime? The only way I was able to get an install in my apartment in the first place was by approaching the building manager who happened to have a personal friend who worked for Verizon.<br><br>Thank you very much.
Re: possible to get a technician for cable install without 2 hours on hold??

This might not need a tech to come out there. What error message are you getting when trying to watch TV?