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The new plans, which were supposedly driven by customer feedback are just awful compared to the previous offerings.  I just came back to Verizon from Mint, and am immediately reminded why I left.  The greed from Verizon is just disgusting.  I'm currently on a 5 line plan.

Line 1 - Play More, $40/month, Disney Bundle ($14.99 value) included.  25 GB hotspot included.

Line 2 - 5 Start Unlimited, $30/month

Lines include 5 GB of Hotspot Data & 5G UW access, unthrottled, but may be limited during congestion


Total Price, $160.  Subtract out the $15 for Disney Bundle, I'm at $145


New plans:

Line 1: Unlimited Plus, $42.  Add $10 for the Disney Bundle I currently get at no cost, and this line is now $52 instead of $40.  The hotspot goes up from 25 to 30 GB.

Line 2-5: Unlimited Welcome; $27.  $3 cheaper, but I now lose all access to hotspot.  5G UW is throttled to a max of 25 Mbps.  5G is always at risk of being slowed further.  No more "6 months on us" promotions.  Home internet raised from $25 to $40.

Total Price, $160, Subtract out just $5 for Disney Bundle, since I'm paying for it now.  I'm at $155.

$10 more for lower speeds & no hotspot on lines 2-5.   


Every time Verizon changes their plans the customers lose.  EVERY TIME.

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Verizon will definitely lose customers over this plan! They are trying to pull a fast one on us. For what I have now @$40. I’d be paying $52-56 a month

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Having the correct plan for your needs and budget is important to us as well, and we would like to review your options a little closer. I'll be sending you a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.