Verizon prepares the fleet for hurricane season

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Hurricane season is on the horizon and Verizon will be ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice to ensure that it is ready to assist with rapid recovery efforts to its critical communications infrastructure.  Verizon’s extreme network is built to withstand longer power outages which includes generator or battery back-up for every one of its macro sell sites and switch facilities.  Fuel deliveries are pre-arranged in the case of a storm for quick response in the event that commercial power is lost.

In Florida, sites are equipped with hardened “Super Switches” that are built to withstand hurricane winds, even if it reaches Category 5.  These locations also have multiple entrances for fiber transport, which means that there is additional redundancy in the event that the weather conditions damage one entrance.

Verizon is prepared for a quick response to engage in emergency network recovery in the event that a hurricane makes landfall.  Not only does Verizon have a fleet of 550 portable assets, it has fully functional cell sites which are powered by generators which are used to replace or supplement both network coverage and capacity.  Furthermore, there are 200 satellite-based portable network assets which can be used to connect cell sites to the network in case there is damage to the fiber.

“Our network is built with industry leading resiliency and reliability. The work we do before the extreme weather moves in is critical in minimizing its impact and speeding the recovery work after the weather has passed,” said Joe Russo, Verizon’s EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology. “We have invested heavily and trained relentlessly to be ready for rapid-recovery scenarios because we know how critical communications services are.”

Verizon is also committed to first responders with its Verizon Frontline Crisis Response team which is ready to assist public safety agencies on the front lines to ensure that they have mission-critical communications.  This team is solely dedicated to supporting public safety and is composed primarily of former first responders and military personnel.

To learn more about the fleet of assets and mobile workstations, head to the link below!

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