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Verizon Integrated Messaging System
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Verizon has upgraded its text messaging app to work across platforms:

Texts will be stored on the Verizon cloud for up to 90 days unless deleted by the user. Messages can also be stored indefinitely on an SD card.

It can be found via your on-line MyVerizon account by clicking on the blue More Actions under I Want To, then under Messaging, click the blue Send a Message or here:

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Re: Verizon Integrated Messaging System
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

This sounds interesting....I installed it on my phone and tablet, and it seems to work on the phone.  All my messages appear and I can send... on the tablet it keeps closing as soon as it loads.  I did report it once, but it won't stay open long enough to do anything. 

The tablet is wifi only though, not on Verizon's network.  But it sounded like all I needed to do was link the app to my cell #, and it appeared to do so - I had to enter my phone #, a text with a authorization code was sent to my phone and I entered it on the tablet to set up the app on the tablet.  All was accepted, it was set up, the confirmation message showed up on the tablet, and then it closed with the message "Verizon messages has stopped."  Two buttons - Report & OK .  Hmmmmm...

Re: Verizon Integrated Messaging System

I turned on my integrated messaging to use the on-line feature of checking SMS/MMS texts.  It worked for a few weeks, showing me all my incoming and out going texts on my PC in my verizon account, then for some reason it stopped. 

Now, it does not record my out going texts from my phone nor some incoming texts.  I need to use this feature as I cannot have my phone with me at work but can log on to Verison on my PC...what can i do to have it work for both OUT going and INCOMING texts?  I have tried to un-subscribe then subscribe again, that it not fix it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!