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Email SPAM filter doesn't work

Is the webmail SPAM filter supposed to ... like ... prevent SPAM? I get the same SPAM every day. The SPAM button does nothing, 

Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

Spam detector doesn't exactly work like the name implies.

if you use webmail you have to use a combo of spam button and blocking addresses with filters.

Stuff that goes to spam folder are marked by Verizon as spam.   Things that you can “Mark as SPAM” will put the one email in your SPAM Detector folder and send an email to the VZ Abuse team and third party vendor to evaluate. If it is deemed SPAM, SPAM Detector definitions/rules will be updated.

Please note that marking email as SPAM does not add the email to the Blocked Senders list. Furthermore, SPAMMERs rarely use the same email address more than once to send SPAM.

If you switch over and use outlook or a similiar tool, then they have more advanced spam tools that you can use.

here's some great info you can use.

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Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

I find  it amazing that  I get  30-50  spam  to  my verizon  email  daily.  My Yahoo  get  3-5  per week.    I do  not use my Verizon  email account  for anything   while  my Yahoo  account  is  used as  my  online contact email.  You would think  my Verizon  email  would be empty  and  my Yahoo  over loaded .  I can only conclude  that somewhere along the  line  Verizon  sold  the email addresses to spammers  who  inturn  shared  it.

Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

I have been marking about 30 per day as spam and forwarding all of them to the address that Verizon says is for undetected spam. The spam I get is all from the same outfit, I believe, based on the uniformity of how they package their notes and the fact that all of the links are spoofed.  One would think that after 30 a day for several months, somebody in Verizon would wake up to the fact that Verizon users are getting killed with spam. One would think that if they truly cared about our email experience they would have an army of folks jumping on the spam we forward to them, aggressively pursuing it and working to reduce it.  The fact is that they show no evidence of putting forth ANY effort at making our experience better.  

The fact seems to be that they have little concern for their email users.  The more of us that stick with Verizon for our home internet service, paying them their monthly fee, but jump to other, better email providers merely means less work for them.  Not a bad model for making maximum profit, but a sucky way to treat customers.  

My Verizon Wireless service has been fantastic.  But my Verizon phone/internet service sucks.  I'm just waiting until another provider is available in my area so I can leave Verizon forever.  Lousy support, uncaring employees.  I send in notes to them and get zero response.  Look at the complaints in these forums that continue to rack up. Almost no response from the company.  We're all left to try to deal with our problems ourselves with only minimal support.  Probably some intern that spends his/her shift playing Angry Birds.  

Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

I'm having the same problem as everyone else on this thread.  Right not in my Spam folder are 135 messages, received over the last 3 days.  Of these 13 were automatically detected by the Verizon Spam filter.  I put the rest there.

What I don't understand is that just about all of the messages now in the Spam folder have the same characteristics - the actual return address is different from the so-called name (such as "Pimsleur Language Institute" <>), the body of the email is pictures with no text and when you put your mouse over the jpg or whatever it is the link is to a very strange looking (and suspicious) URL.

So why does the Spam filter know that about 1/10 of these messages are Spam and leave me to deal with the rest?

I am discouraged by the previous responses - looks like I'm on my own to filter the Spam and Verizon isn't going to be any help.

Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

Email SPAM filter is USELESS. I get about 40 per day, mark them all as spam, and get the same ones the next day. I know other people have this problem... are there ANY solutions out there??????

Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work
I am in Bangkok, but I cannot get my email.
Re: Email SPAM filter doesn't work

In my opinion the Verizon Spam Detector is useless. I called Verizon Tech Support but was told that a separate vendor handled the spam,& basically that I shouldn't complain because it was free.