MY FIOS IP is getting my emails sent out rejected as spam


I work from home and have FIOS 300 MBPS acct. For email I use Google G Suite w/Thunderbird client (or Gmail webmail) with my on company's domain. This domain is 100% clean, after testing on over 20 blacklist and spam reputation testing services.

After many friends and clients have told me my email to them (not marketing emails - individual emails sent from me) are going straight to their spam folder, I started looking into this...

It turns out that the IP address my home was given from Verizon FIOS is flagged as a spam-sending IP. Even when using Google to send email, my home's IP address is passed in the header of all emails sent.

After a lot of testing, it seems that all email I send to users of Outlook webmail cannot receive my email - making this issue affect my bottom line.

My FIOIS IP address fails the Brightmail IP reputation which is apparently used by Microsoft. Why would FIOS not properly manage their own IP addresses, to the point that we cannot even communicate with Outlook users? Can anything be done about this?

Thank you!

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Re: MY FIOS IP is getting my emails sent out rejected as spam

My friend is running into this as well.

He uses Google G Suite with a custom domain and sends mail with Outlook. 

When he sends email while on FiOS his mail is labeled SPAM by GMail recipients.

When he sends email on non-FiOS networks it is NOT labeled as SPAM.