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Suddenly LOST Verizon Emails on

Today, I went to look up an old saved email from my account and much to my chagrin, thousands of emails were GONE... missing.... I called AOL.. they told me to look at the settings and make sure they were on imap... I did so.. they already were.. I've had no problem sending or receiving emails all along.. and now they're gone.  My settings were as they said they should be.  This is nuts.. now they say (AOL) that they can retrieve 34 emails.. that I deleted.. that's NOT what I'm looking for.  

THen they tell you they can sign you up for FREE trial of tech assistance... but neeed my credit card to start enrollment and I have to cancel in 30 days if I don't want the subscription... 

they suck.... they are useless... verizon should have NEVER stopped serving us!!

Re: Suddenly LOST Verizon Emails on
Super User
Super User

Have you seen this ?

On Left Hand Side : Hover on Shortcuts

Click:AOL Mail Troubleshooting

Click on +: Problems Receiving or Reading Mail

Click on +: Why can't I retrieve my mail ? AND ALSO 

Click on +: How can I find emails that are missing from my AOL Mail Inbox ?

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Re: Suddenly LOST Verizon Emails on

The same thing happened to my father in law. This is a MAJOR FAIL for Verizon to choose the worst email provider in the universe, aol, what a joke.

God help you if you try to talk to someone to get assistance, they barely speak English and the FIRST thing they do is tell you to get out your credit card or they can't help.

Aol lost thousands of emails and is unable to restore them, guess they don't backup their servers. If Hillary used aol she would have never needed to destroy evidence, aol would have taken care of those pesky emails.

Verizon you treat your customers like **bleep** and abandoned them by choosing the worst email provider in the world.

Wonder how many other people had their emails lost by aol??

Re: Suddenly LOST Verizon Emails on
Contributor - Level 3

They chose the "worst email provider in the universe" becasue they bought it!