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Verizon webmail hangs up

I use POP mail via Outlook when I'm at home (no issues) but want to use webmail when I am on other computers or traveling.   Verizon's webmail performance is really terrible, however.  90% of the time, I have problems. 

(My OS shouldn't matter, but to anticipate the question, I generally use Windows 7 or XP.   The problems occur in both IE 8 and Firefox 13 and on several different computers.  Although the problem is not pop-up related, I have tried it with popup and ad blockers both on and off).

Since there are several different portals - and nowhere is it explained what the difference between them is -

- From the page, I sign in and my browser goes to "STID processing intermediate page" where it hangs up and eventually dies.

- From "My Verizon 3.0",,I log in and it directs me to  From that page I can see the six most recent emails in my mailbox.  However, when I click the "View All Email" link, it tries connecting, but after "Waiting for" for several minutes, it hangs up and never connects. 

Let me know what you think the problem is.  If there is another different URL I should be going to, tell me where it is.

Re: Verizon webmail hangs up

It really sounds like a browser issue, I use the same as you with no problems, I see the STID loading page like you, but mine doesn't hang.   I have been around the internet long enough to have seen this a few times, and I really feel or my gut says that you either have a browser issue, or some form of malware/spyware hanging up the system.   Internet Explorer has a tendency to get bogged down and act very slowly.  you should test and make sure it's just internet explorer.  

So the easiest way in my opinion is to grab another browser like chrome.  I know you mentioned firefox, but if it's kernal is hanging, then perhaps trying the chrome one will have better results.  Download and install and run it and then test it.  see if it's faster.   If it is I would recommend just switching to it as your primary browser, but if you REALLY want IE to work over another browser, then you would want to attempt to fix it. (click internet explorer, and then drill down to the appropriate problem) 

Or click here.

Re: Verizon webmail hangs up

Most of the time Verizon webmail works OK.  But intermittently I have this same issue of going to this STID Processing screen which hangs up and crashes.  It always seem to happen just at the moment I really need to pull up my email account!  This never occurs with Gmail or Hotmail.  Unfortunately I've made the mistake of using my webmail account for business, so am reluctant to migrate my entire account over to Gmail or some other webmail service that's actually reliable.