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Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

I received a message from Verizon on 27 Feb 2010, stating it will no longer support MSN Premium software after 25 Mar 2010, and any of its features.

I have been using MSN Premium since 2002.

Now that's a kick in the {word filter avoidance}. Since that's the reason I signed up for their DSL service in the first place. So I could get MSN Premium, with all security, and MSN Mail all in one package.

Now I will need to setup a new email client to handle all of my, 10 msn, and 25 pop3 email accounts. Additionally, I will no longer have security services like, anti virus, firewall, and malware. Because they will end at the same time.

I'll be looking for a new, DSL provider, Email Client, and security software.

Just a Plain Kick in the {word filter avoidance} from Verizon

{edited for privacy}

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010
Just FYI, Microsoft's security software is free now. Avira's is probably higher ranked, and also free.
Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

Yeah I went to my account and tried to go from MSN Premium to Yahoo and now its saying in order for me to use Yahoo I need to delete my Verizon Email account WHAT?! I have Amazon and other important stuff on my Verizon Email why do I need to delete my Verizon Email in order to switch from MSN Premium to Yahoo?

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

I did not get this message but have McAfee Firewall through MSN.  Will the firewall stop working, stop updating or what?  I do not use MSN for anything else.  But my account says verizon with MSN.   Do I have to chose either yahoo or aol or can I just do nothing?

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

Can someoen post the text of the message they received? Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

<<<Orginal Message>>>

To ensure our emails reach your inbox, please add to your address book.
Having trouble viewing this email? View it online.

Important Changes to Your Verizon with MSN Premium and Email

Dear Verizon with MSN Premium Member,

We are writing to let you know that Verizon with MSN Premium and associated features are being discontinued in your area on March 27, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, but it will allow us to bring you exciting new features to enhance your Verizon online experience in the upcoming months.

  • Your Account - we encourage you to take advantage of your home page and free email account included at no additional charge with your service. You can log into your email at Here you will find all the Verizon tools and services available to you as a Verizon Internet subscriber.

    New to Verizon email? Click the link below to learn how to set up and use your email.
    Set up and use email

    Don't know your ID and Password? Click on the link below.
    Forgot ID and Password

  • Your Account - As a courtesy to Verizon with MSN Premium users, Microsoft is extending a limited time offer making the MSN Premium service available for you at no charge during a two month, transitional period from March 25, 2010 to May 25, 2010, and then at a significant discount thereafter. Please click here for details.

    If you choose not to take advantage of the limited-time discount offer during the two month transitional period, the following will occur:

    • Your MSN Premium account will expire and you will no longer be able to sign into MSN.

    • Your MSN primary and secondary email accounts will convert to free Hotmail accounts, which will expire if unused within any 30-day period.

    • Your McAfee Antivirus/Firewall and Webroot Spy Sweeper services will automatically expire.

    • Access to stored email for your primary and any secondary accounts, and to your list of favorite web sites will no longer be available.

Prior to the change, you can click on the Frequently Asked Questions link below for more information and customer support. There will be no change to your Verizon Internet service plan or pricing. If you have any questions not included in the FAQs, please call 1-800-567-6789 and select the Technical Support option for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Verizon. Your business is important to us.

Verizon Online Member Services

This message was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail messages. Please do not reply. Copyright 2010 Verizon. All Rights Reserved

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

As a former disgraced President used to say..."I feel your pain", but...

As one whose MSN Premium experience dates back to when I had MSN as my dial-up provider, and later (for a short time) used the MSN Premium/Verizon co-branded software, let me tell you this...Everything that MSN Premium offers is available elsewhere for free. I still have the same e mail addresses from the late 20th century, too.

1. Microsoft offers a free e mail client called Windows Live Mail, that is almost identical to the MSN mail client, except its a whole lot easier to set-up.

2. Avast offers a free anti-virus that has a higher virus detection rate than McAfee, and will run a whole lot lighter on your machine. I have been using it for years. The newest version "5" has just been released.

How McAfee stays in business is beyond me. Their products are inferior.

3. Your Verizon (Westell?) modem uses NAT (address translation) and NAT is  better than ANY software firewall to prevent incoming attacks....Most people find that the combination of a NAT modem/router and Windows built-in firewall works just fine.
Or Zone Alarm has a decent free software firewall.

4. For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs...

They have a free version and it's excellent.

Download and install SUPER, update it, do a full system scan and quarantine what it finds.

Then do a quick scan with SUPER on a regular basis.

5. Just be sure that you un-install all and everything "McAfee" before you install any new anti-virus software. Failure to do so can result in a major conflict.

Best of luck.

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

So by switching to Windows Live, you are able to keep your e mail without having to pay or do we still have to switch to hotmail?

Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

Yes I too have been using this service for many ages. I called the 800 # talked with a John and he told me I'd have to go to to switch my account. After endless hours trying to get any of my verizon account/address' to be acknowledged..... none and I mean NONE would be accepted &/or acknowledged,

My next step is now calling again for more "painful" unacceptable answers. I surely do not feel that it is my responsability to switch my account since I am not the one who chose to as "John" called it - Verizon divorced MSN!!!!

So I am still at a stand still as to how to get things switched over - any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Re: Verizon will not SUPPORT MSN PREMIUM after 25 March 2010

I received a similar email from MSN Premium Team, giving me a whopping 4 days notice.  The link regarding FAQ information does not work, and I was wondering if this was a scam of some kind.  Can anyone shed a little light on this for me??  Thanks.

Dear Verizon with MSN® Premium Customer,


There are changes coming June 30, 2010 to your Verizon with MSN Premium and associated features.


What's changing?


MSN Premium will no longer be included with Verizon High Speed Internet or Verizon FiOS Internet service in your area effective June 30, 2010. As a courtesy to existing Verizon High Speed Internet or Verizon FIOS Internet service users, Microsoft will extend your MSN Premium subscription for a limited time.


What do I need to do to keep MSN Premium?


After June 30, simply log in to your MSN Premium account; you will be prompted to purchase a subscription directly from Microsoft through August 24, 2010. Follow the instructions provided and continue to enjoy the MSN Premium features you have today.


How will this affect me?


If you don't purchase a subscription to MSN Premium directly from Microsoft by August 24, 2010, the following things will occur:

  • Sign In: Your MSN Premium account will automatically expire. You will not be able to sign into MSN.
  • Email: Your MSN primary and secondary email accounts will convert to free Hotmail accounts. You may continue to use your Hotmail account(s) via a computer with internet access as long as you access the account at least once every 270 days to keep it active.
  • Antivirus/Anti-Spyware: Your McAfee® AntiVirus Plus - MSN Edition and Webroot® Spy Sweeper for MSN services will expire.
  • Locally-stored Email: Access to locally stored email for your primary and secondary accounts will no longer be available. Please visit our FAQs to learn how to save your locally stored email.
  • Favorites Bookmarks: If you are using the MSN client as your browser, any "Favorites" bookmarks will no longer be available. Please transition any bookmarks to your new browser before August 24, 2010.

What if I have questions?


Please visit our MSN Premium Frequently Asked Questions for more information about this change. If you have technical support questions about your MSN Premium software, call MSN Technical Support at 1-866-344-6864.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and are committed to working with you through this transition to ensure as little disruption as possible.


Your MSN Premium Team