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Anybody else lost all their pics on Samsung Intensity 111?

Verizon recommended another Samsung for me. I was happy with my last one. All I do with my phone is talk, text and take pictures. Got my new Samsung III and took off for a week's vacation in South Dakota. Memorized where the "save" key was. Took scads of photos, most from the back of a motorcycle. Got home and went in to send pics to my Verizon pic storage site. No pics! Discovered that when "save" is clicked, the photo is deleted!

When you click on the camera key  on your phone, the display becomes "landscape" mode, with "save" under the right soft key. So I did what seemed logical, just like on my old Samsung, and lost all my photos.

The instructions say "press the Left Soft Key Save to save the picture to My Pictures". The screen has "erase" on the top right, "send" in the middle right and

"save " above the right soft key. Nothing on the left of the screen above the left soft key. There is no left soft key "save". There is a right soft key "save". Pushing on it erases your pictures. Incidentally, if you push on the left soft key (blank above it), you save your picture.

I am heartbroken over my vacation pictures. Doesn't Verizon know this glitch exists? Doesn't Samsung? Am I the only person that has experienced this?

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Re: Anybody else lost all their pics on Samsung Intensity 111?
Customer Service Rep

castpics - I could see where the confusion can arise, but after reviewing the camera functionality, this is how the software was designed to operate. As you figured, the buttons are mirrored on the bottom. The left soft key performs saving, and the right soft key is to erase. By design, they anticipate users utilizing the camera in landscape mode, and using their right thumbs to take photos, and either saving or erasing with the soft keys that are above the keypad.

I feel your pain with your pictures. I went to a concert once and captured this awesome video footage in Chicago. It was an awesome video and I accidentally flipped my phone closed. You would think it would keep the software open. Nope, it erased my video.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or the community.

Thank you and take care.

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Re: Anybody else lost all their pics on Samsung Intensity 111?

I have this phone, i don't like it much but my keys do not look like yours is. I take a pic and right key says erase middle key says send and left key says save. and it works right though. hope you have better luck