Backup Assistant issue


Please see my posts under the user name T2G3

I have been given many different answers by Verizon online support, verbally by customer service, and by my local store... none of which have fixed the issue.

1) I was told to uninstall then reinstall backup assistant only to be told by my local Verizon store that factory installed software can't be uninstalled.

2) I was told to take my phone to BestBuy to have it reflashed (even though I bought the phone directly from my local Verizon store. BestBuy told me they can only reflash Samsung products.

3) I was told to go to the Backup assistant app under options and dial *73738# to reset BackUp assistant

4) Finally I was told to go thru the process of restoring my phone to facory settings in case I had corrupted software.... but this phone has done this since day 1 when it was taken out of the box and activated by store employees... so how is a restore to the phone's original state going to help???

Maybe if enough of us complain, they won't be able to continue to give piecemeal advice that is unhelpful.....

My phone is the LG Cosmos3

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