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Basic/Feature Phones and Plan/Data Requirements

After looking around a bit I'm not really sure what's the latest when it comes to basic/feature phones and any plan and/or data or even general feature requirements.

In particular I'm wondering about the following couple of items:

1. Are there still any feature/basic phones that don't require being on the latest (Nationwide, etc.) plans and can still be activated on and used on older plans, like America's Choice (II or I), for example. Is it any of them, perhaps just the 1X-only ones, or some other subset?

It seems that pretty much all of the smartphones can do it since they mainly require a data feature to be added, and the (voice) plan can remain as it is, but it's a bit unclear when it comes to the current batch of feature/basic phones.

2. Again, when it comes to the currently offered feature/basic phones, are there those that specifically require a data feature (or perhaps a messaging or some other feature), or can any of them essentially be used in a pay-per-MB/message/etc. manner?

Perhaps I overlooked a recent discussion on this (if so, please let me know), and not being certain of what the latest requirements (if any) might be I just wanted to check.

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Re: Basic/Feature Phones and Plan/Data Requirements

I am not completely sure about #1. I do know #2 the Casio Ravine2 does not require a messaging package if that is what your asking.  It is what they call a basic phone.  It does have some nice things about it though like a higher grade camera then most basic phones and a few others too.  I hope that helps some. 

Re: Basic/Feature Phones and Plan/Data Requirements

If you call Verizon they can tell you which specific phones will work with older plans. All basic phones can be on pay as you go plans for everything except calling minutes.(assuming they have the capability for data/messaging)