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Basic transferring of pics from phone to home computer...

After upgrading to a new iPhone, I have photos taken on my old Verizon Razzle phone that I've tried to transfer to my home computer, unsuccessfully. My Razzle's USB cord that should work, won' says I need to update the driver, which I cannot find automatically anywhere without spending $30+ online. As the phone is no longer activated, I cannot e-mail them to myself (I did not have the internet on my former plan anyway or I would have done this) and I don't want to lose these photos...any suggestions on how to get them off my phone???

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Re: Basic transferring of pics from phone to home computer...

A quick search on this forum found the following; maybe it will be of help:

Re: Basic transferring of pics from phone to home computer...

I think you might have several options:


The company that supports the Razzle says that it has Bluetooth:

I am able to transfer pictures from one non-smartphone to another non-smartphone via Bluetooth or between a non-smartphone and a computer via Bluetooth. I hope that it will be possible to transfer pictures between the Razzle and the smartphone iPhone via Bluetooth.

(2) That support page says that the Razzle can accept a memory card up to 16gb in size. Transfer your photos from the internal memory of the phone to the memory card and then transfer the photos from the memory card to the computer via a memory card reader

(3) Verizon lets you activate back and forth among the different phones you own by either logging in to the account on Verizon's website or by dialing *228 and following the prompts. I don't know if either option is available for the Razzle if the Razzle was for a prepaid plan. On the other hand, I think the rule of thumb for phones for prepaid plans is that they can be activated on a postpaid plan after the phone has been used on a prepaid plan for a certain amount of time (six months ?).

Upon activating the Razzle, you can from the phone upload the photos to Verizon's online account for the phone. That's what this person was able to do who owns the model (the Caper) that might have replaced the Razzle.

"Thanks for the suggestion. I also figured out that I can upload each picture to the online VZW account for that phone and from there have prints made or I can download them. Crazy that they do not have a USB driver for the pre-paid phones."