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Blank texts from iPhone SE to Alias 2

Hi -- I know similar issues have been addressed here, but the details in this case are a little different.  I've got a Samsung Alias 2 which I am extremely happy with; the only problem is that texts from one specific person arrive completely blank, about half the time.  (The other half, they arrive perfectly intact, even the long ones.)  This person has an iPhone SE, and she doesn't use emojis or anything like that when sending messages to my phone, so that's not the problem.  Also, the problem doesn't seem to be punctuation, because often the texts I do receive from her contain all sorts of punctuation with no problem.

Does anyone know if there is some specific character or setting that would cause some texts from an iPhone SE to come in blank, even though all the rest from that phone come in perfectly fine?  Thanks.

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Re: Blank texts from iPhone SE to Alias 2
Customer Service Rep

It's important you are able to send and receive text to stay in communication, erickson1729. When messaging from a 4G device to a non4G device, messages may come in with missing content or may replace characters with symbols. We would recommend looking into a newer device that has 4G capabilities. You can view current devices here,


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