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Brightside with manufacturer power problems

Verizon needs to step up and make this right.

I am on my third Samsung Brightside.  All three have had some sort of power problem.   The first would auto restart after I powered it down.  The second would shutdown when I slide it open.  This new one shuts down for no apparent reason. Obviously, many others are having the same issue per the discussion board.    Verizon said there is nothing I can do, but continue to return these for replacement.  This is not acceptable. 

Each device was replaced with a refurb.  The 2nd return (a refurb) was used for less than a week before it started powering down upon slide open.  Verizon tried to charge me for the replacement due to errosion.  I argued that there is no reasonable argument Verizon could make to charge me as I had the insurance.  Although the agent agreed to remove the charge, this was sneaky and underhanded.  I am very disappointed in Verizon.

I am still using the third Brightside which shuts down for no apparent reason.  Is there any way to get a different phone without being penalized?

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Re: Brightside with manufacturer power problems

this has to do with the power button's position on the phone. when you move your body might hit the power button (kind of like a butt dial). The only way for you not to hit the power button is to have a hard covering on the power button or get a flip phone where the power button is being covered. for the shutdown on the slide the power button is sticking down when you slide the phone. Hold down the power button when you open it and it will shut down.