Casio Charging Problems??? NORMAL??

I'm sorry but i just saw my fathers way of charging his phone and it is by sticking a large object while the phone is plugged in at a 45% angle.  I know i had the one (forget the name, but opened with full keyboard underneath) and had same problem.  is there an easy fix?   i feel like you should be able to tighten with small pliers.... the metal bracket around where the phone gets plugged in or something.

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Re: Casio Charging Problems??? NORMAL??
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I'm not sure what's happening here, DCUSA.  Is the charging port on the phone broken or loose?  Or is the connector piece not working correctly?  I know the connectors are sometimes very small and delicate and care needs to be taken when plugging and unplugging; still I have not had an issue with the many phones we have had over the years. 

Does the phone charge fully and normally with whatever setup your father has?