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Does anyone hate the Cosmos2 as much as I do?

I had an enV2 and loved it.  Used the phone for 3 years before the speakers went on it of all things!  Never even had to replace the battery!!!!!  BELIEVE IT!! 

Verizon customer service online, steered me toward this Cosmos as a replacement, seeing as though I could not get the enV type phone anymore.  Only missed the last enV model by 1 month at my local Verizon store which is a joke to begin with.  Unfortunately, about 2 of every 3 employees there, are arrogant, super ego 20 something youngsters, that think everyone should live, eat, sleep, breathe and regurgitate your cell phone.  These small electronic, bionic, digital, computerized wonders have made it so people don't have to think for themselves.  Why should they when their phone does it for them.  That scares me.

I have a life other than my phone.   All I want is a phone that rings, you answer, talk, call, talk, text, reply, take a picture now and then, received a picture now and then, AND A VIDEO once in a while!!!  Not everyone wants the internet on their phone either.  Why should I pay for the internet twice.  I have all the internet I want on my very nice PC right here at home.  I don't need to check my email while I'm standing in line at the grocery store.  There are enough distractions in this world today. My son sent me a video today of my granddaughter's first steps and I had to go online to view it, because I didn't even realize until that moment that this Cosmos phone doesn't "do videos"  !!!!

So, here we are 3 years after the enV, and this stupid Cosmos doesn't even have video capabilities?!??!?  Are you kidding me? Why is that?  So I get the internet hooked up to it and I can view my videos that my family sends me online?  Yep, more money, more money, more money. Ridiculous.   I'm so disgusted, frustrated and mad right now.  

The keyboard on this Cosmos is different, smaller, keys all mixed up in different places, different functions, can't stand the way the texting just goes on and on with the person you contacted 3 days ago, and I can't find the text I wrote them back because all the texts just keep a running tab so to speak!??  Very crappy feature.  I like it better when the text is by itself, you can go back to an actual SENT folder to see what and who you have sent what to.  There hasn't been a time yet when I've used the slider that a few number keys have been hit and have to be cleared before you write your text.

I could go on and on.   So, this afternoon after the non video thing happened, I went on ebay and found a brand new enV phone, just like the one I had for 3 years.  As soon as I get it, this one is going back in the box.  Anybody want it?  You can have it!!

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Re: Does anyone hate the Cosmos2 as much as I do?

Yes I do! Can not TXT.... buttons to small. Can not erase TXT.  1st phone I ever had that I really hate! I tried to trade it but it was after 30 days. I will rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally be glad when I can up grade.

Re: Does anyone hate the Cosmos2 as much as I do?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I know it's been several months since you talked about your Cosmos 2, but I just had to add my support to all the Cosmos 2 haters out there. I've hated this P.O.S. phone ever since the very first day I got it. I guess my biggest complaint is that the keys are WAY too small - Texting on this phone is an absolute nightmare ! I've been tempted many times to throw this piece of crap phone against the wall in utter frustration. So anyway, to answer your original question, Yes, I'm sure I hate my Cosmos 2 every bit as much as you ! Can't wait to upgrade !!!