Early Upgrade? Broken Basic Phone

I'm a Freshmen in college, and I currently have a Brightside basic phone. I've never had a smartphone, but I'm due for an upgrade in a month. The problem with this is my current basic phone recently has stopped working, not allowing me to use my touch screen to access anything. I've kept the battery out of the phone for a couple days to see if that would do anything, but it didn't help. I've given up on the phone, and now I don't have a phone. I've never damaged the phone, it's in good condition and I always keep a case on it so I don't know why it stopped working.  I guess to get to the point is that I was wondering if I could get my upgrade bumped up to an earlier date? It's kind of a necessity to have a phone here at college, and I'm not going to able to get one until my upgrade because of prices. So could anyone give me some advice? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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Re: Early Upgrade? Broken Basic Phone

Do you have any friends or family with old Verizon phones they are not using anymore. That would be the best/cheapest way to get a phone to hold you over until you are eligible for an upgrade. I have loaned phones to friends/family many times in the past. There is no cost to you to activate an old phone from a friend/family member on your line.Smiley Happy

Re: Early Upgrade? Broken Basic Phone
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Hi Brightside4- Let's get you back to your studies with a working device! Please follow me back and send a Direct Message so we can review the account options in detail.

Thank you,

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