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Flip Phone with no Reception

My older neighbor has recently moved into the area.  How do I update her (quite new) Verizon flip-phone so she can get some reception?

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Re: Flip Phone with no Reception
Super User
Super User

Dial *228, then press 2 to update the Preferred Roaming List.

Re: Flip Phone with no Reception
Super User
Super User

Unless it is a 4G LTE basic phone, then you need to reboot it.

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Re: Flip Phone with no Reception
Verizon Employee

We always want all our wonderful customers to have reception with us, DVOT24. We do want to help in any way we can. However, it may be best to have your neighbor reach out to us directly, just in-case any trouble shooting needs to be done to improve the service on the phone.

Both of our Community Members are correct. If she has a 3G phone, then dialing *228 is needed to update the tower listing in the phone. If it is a 4G LTE phone, then restarting the phone would be needed or sometimes re-installing the SIM card.


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