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Gusto 2 not working right

Got this phone 2 weeks ago just something cheap and easy to use. I forgot to charge it last night so it died this morning for the first time. Now it will not turn on unless I plug it in to charge. If I unplug it from the charger it turns off completely (no verizon song shutting off screen). When it is on and plugged in I try to make a call but it never rings just says "Calling" for 30 seconds then says Call not Connected. I've noticed it keeps saying Leaving service area, then it says Entering service area. I've never had any problems with the signal/service maybe a dropped call every now and then. When I try to go into My Verizon to check my balance and stuff it just says Connecting.. then comes up with DNS: Invalid host is specified. Is it broken? I've tried unplugging the battery while its off and turning it back on. I've also tried it while the phone was plugged in and on, it stayed on for a few seconds then turned off completely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Also it is very windy today I'm not sure if that would be the culprit to losing service? It was working fine last night with the bad wind and I've got 4 missed calls at like 8:45-9:00 am this morning so it had to of stopped working right after it died. I've got no way to call it until about another hour.

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Re: Gusto 2 not working right
Customer Support

Congratulations on your new phone! I'm sorry you ran into this snafu.
I understand the phone completely died; did you let it charge up enough before trying to use it again?
We should remove the battery for a few seconds and place it back in. After that dial *228. If all else fails, a factory reset would be recommended prior to replacing it.

Please let me know what is going on with it.

Tamara H.
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