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How to prohibit outgoing toll calls on child's phone?

If my child loses her phone, I'm concerned that the finder could make lots of expensive toll calls before I find out the phone is lost/stolen.  Can I set up the account to not allow toll calls from her phone?

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Re: How to prohibit outgoing toll calls on child's phone?
Super User
Super User

About the only "toll calls" someone could make would be international calls - and you probably would find out fairly quickly that the phone is lost, wouldn't you ?  Within hours... I would imagine.  You can report it as soon as you find out and Verizon can suspend the line, and you could see if any charges were incurred by looking online.  Once it's reported, you are not liable for charges, and it would be deactivated then anyway.

I don't think there's a way to block international can call customer service and ask what you could do.  Or maybe someone else with more experience can chime in and give you some direction.

Re: How to prohibit outgoing toll calls on child's phone?

As I understand it, international dialing has to be enabled. So I would call customer service to make sure it's not. But yes, this is a risk when losing a phone, and I'm sure it's more worrisome when it's a child. Do you have other services blocked, such as premium messaging, data usage, etc.? You can set these up through My Verizon.

Re: How to prohibit outgoing toll calls on child's phone?
Customer Support

Dear Fubar,

Good morning. Losing your phone can be extremley concerning. It would be my pleasure to provide you with options in the event your child is to lose her phone.

I would like to thank our Community Members for providing you with great and helpful information. After losing your phone, it is strongly suggested to call Verizon Wireless and place a temporary lost/stolen suspension to her line. This will disable service on her phone. The finder of the phone will not be able to make/receive phone calls, text, data, etc. You may also suspend service online via My Verizon. Click for more information on suspending your service online Should you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Have a great day!

VZW Support
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