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I want the minutes I paid for!!

I can't believe I'm going through this yet again...

I use the $15 basic plan because I'm poor, and it's all I can afford.  

Invariably, I run out of "units" before the plan expires.

So, I pay another $15, sits there on my account.     I run out of minutes, and even though I can do nothing with the plan at that point --   no call, no text, no data --  Verizon seems to think I want to wait until the plan expires before I apply the new plan I've paid for.    

My account is still telling me my plan will expire in 11 days, and that I must make another payment, even though I'VE ALREADY paid for a new one, and the funds are *visibly* sitting there on the account.

I would LIKE to have the funds be applied to another basic plan as SOON as I run out of minutes, not jump through all these hoops to get what I've paid for. That would make alot of sense, wouldn't it?   Rather than being without service for 11 days?  

Your website sucks --   hard to navigate, hard to find what you need, and no obvious way to apply the new funds so I can have the minutes I've paid you for.   And your phone support --  don't get me started.   I even called sales, because there's no point in ever phoning your customer service (useless phone trees), and it was impossible to even get anyone in sales to pick up the phone.  

Well, I WANT a resolution to this FAST, or I'm writing a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau.    I have an important call tonight, which needs more  minutes than I have left, and then my phone will go dead, even though I've PAID you for a refill, already. 

I WANT what I paid you for, thank you.

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Re: I want the minutes I paid for!!
Customer Support


Verizon Wireless does commit to delivering the best products and service with customer service being the priority. Operating with integrity is at the core of who we are as a company and it does concern us to hear you feel this way. We do recommend reaching out to our Prepaid Customer Service Team as we have no support for Prepaid accounts via this forum. The number to for assistance is 888-294-6804. I am confident when reaching out to them directly with your concerns, you can get the assistance you need.

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