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Is there a way to not pay the restocking fee ?


I just want to know if anyone had a similar experience, and somehow managed to not pay the restocking fee. It's only USD 35, but I just hate paying for the wrong reason.

I was due for an upgrade, so I purchased LG Extravert 2 at a verizon store for USD. 129.99 only to find out later that it is USD 0.99 at verizon online. Before I made my purchase, I asked the sales rep about the price online, and he said it's the same. He seemed like a decent young man, so there is a slight possibility that it was an innocent mistake. But it was a mistake nonetheless.

The next day I returned to see if I can return the phone without paying the restocking fee. The answer was, No. They weren't very sympathetic about it either. I guess they are used to these kind of requests that are "ridiculous" in their minds.

I know I should've checked on my own first, and to never be so trusting of people especially with sales reps (ESPECIALLY in New York). So I am really banging my head about it. He was just so helpful that I let my guard down.

I was debating about switching to another carrier because lately verizon hasn't been as helpful or accommodating as they used to be. In the end, I went with verizon again, but I am taking this incident as a sign to move on to another carrier that was giving me a better deal.

My last string of hope is, if I don't have to pay the restocking fee, I'll stick with verizon.

So if there is anyone who managed to get out of this, I'd really appreciate the tip.

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Re: Is there a way to not pay the restocking fee ?

If you are still within the 14 day return window I would recommend paying the restocking fee and calling in to telesales or customer care to go ahead and see about an online price match. Also, the full retale for this device online is currently only $109.99, as seen here: LG Extravert 2 | Verizon Wireless. You'll end up saving more money, and if you don't want to pay the restocking fee I would just talk with the rep in store and see if they can do a swap out for the price.

Re: Is there a way to not pay the restocking fee ?

The restocking fee will stick whether you stay with Verizon or don't, I have no doubt.  But, if you can get the phone for .99 cents then you can save $94.

Re: Is there a way to not pay the restocking fee ?


Thank you so much for your feedback. I know my problem was small compare to many others, so I really appreciate that you took the time to reply.

I managed to not pay the restocking fee without playing the crazy customer card and causing any drama.

Just as a follow-up and for other people who may encounter the same issue, let me explain what I did.

I went to verizon online where LG Extravert 2 was priced at USD 0.99. I then retrieved the coupon that I can use at the verizon store. I went back to the store, processed the return, and bought back the phone with the coupon.

At first, I was charged for the restocking fee, but I argued that there's nothing to restock if I'm just buying back the phone. The manager came out, I explained the same thing, and they agreed.

So all went well. If I had to pay restocking, I was really ready to change carrier. Before I visited verizon that day, I went to Sprint and T-mobile to make sure the deals I had before were still the same.

Re: Is there a way to not pay the restocking fee ?

Thanks for sharing your update...but so others aren't confused, you didn't pay a restocking fee because you essentially have the same phone your originally left with.  Yes, there was some factors to take into account such as the use of your coupon or whatever...BUT, I don't want folks to get the wrong idea of being able to take a phone back and not pay a restocking fee.  I know you feel like you won, and essentially you did...but at the same time, you technically didn't walk out with a different device or no device at all and VZW wasn't left with an open item.   

For those who may want to return a device with hopes of leaving with a different device or just giving it back completely, be will pay a restocking fee.  They're pretty hard pressed about this and it's typically not a negotiable issue.