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LG Cosmos 2 - Lost call issues

Hello I have had my LG Cosmos 2 a little over a month.  I have had many many lost calls recently.  The call will only last at most 1 minute.  It does not appear to be electronic interference as the phone has had 2 or more bars for reception each time the issue has happened.  I have tried powering off, and removing the battery, then powering back up, this did not help.  I am not sure what else to try.  The phone has not been damaged in any way by myself, not dropped.  Any other users having this type of issue?  Any advise on how to reduce/eliminate the issue?

Thanks, DJ

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Re: LG Cosmos 2 - Lost call issues
Customer Support

I'm saddened to see you are experiencing dropped calls and I am here to help! What is your current zip code? Do you experience the issue in or outdoors? When did the problem begin? Try dialing *228, send, listen and select option 2. I hope this information is helpful. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Re: LG Cosmos 2 - Lost call issues

The best way to eliminate the issue is to get a different model phone. This phone is AWFUL. My first one the keys didn't respond correctly on the front number pad or the QWERTY keyboard. The replacement phone for that one lagged and after a month or so the microphone went out so no one could hear me speak. The replacement phone for that one is the current one I have. It responds VERY slow if I have any text messages or photos saved in it, I lose calls unexpectedly like you're experiencing - I will be on a call and suddenly I hear beeping and my screen says "Call Lost" even if the person I'm talking to and I have good reception, and 2 of the keys on the QWERTY keyboard invert when I use any website or social media. Specifically, when I try to type !, what shows up is ~, and when I try to type up ~, what shows up is !. I could call and go through the reset - again - but the reset will delete all the texts and pictures I have on there, and of course it will speed up when there's nothing on the phone. But on my third phone with issue after issue, I'm just waiting and waiting for my upgrade to come due again and I can get a phone that can handle what it's made for.

You could try pulling the battery while it is still powered on to perform a soft reset. If it still has the same problem you could try calling Verizon tech support from a different phone so they'll be able to walk you through reset steps on your phone. They'll walk through the reset with you, it will wipe everything from your phone and you'll be instructed to call back if it happens again. Then, when it does happen again, you'll call back, and they'll open a trouble ticket and instruct you to wait 2 weeks to hear back, during which time they'll find nothing wrong, or something wrong that they'll fix, but your phone will still act the same, THEN they'll offer you a refurbished (read: sent back for problems that were "fixed") replacement of the same model. And if you're lucky, the refurbished phone will have a new set of problems. I spent a year in Verizon tech support, and I knew better than to get a slider phone since they always have problems, but I was still foolish enough to get one. There's not much you can do, slider phones in general are flawed.