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LG Cosmos screen not working - need to know how to proceed

Hi, for the past two weeks, I've been dealing with my LG Cosmos screen not working.  Besides this, the phone still receives calls and texts but cannot really be used since nothing can be seen.  I checked with my local verizon store briefly and they said my warranty is up (I am almost at 2 years with this contract) and I did not take "insurance" on the phone.  They confirmed that there is no remarkable wear/tear and that I haven't used it irresponsibly or dropped it in water.  I tried replacing the ribbon of the phone with no luck.  I am not sure what specifically is wrong, and all the phone repair shops I have checked in my area do not do LG Cosmos phones.  Originally, when this problem started the phone screen would only go black when I pulled out the QWERTY keyboard, but when I pushed it back, the screen would come back.  But after a week I lost the screen all the time.

I also asked main verizon customer service about this - their only response was to upgrade to a new phone (cheapest price $109) and renew my 2 yr contract.  I do not think I will do this.  I still have 3 months on my contract.  I find it unacceptable that I will have to pay usage fees for the next 3 months regardless of whether or not my phone is fixed, and my only option besides trying to fix the phone would be to spend a large sum of a money on a new phone.  They also said that I could backup my photos at their store (using their flash device) but were unclear about whether I could backup contacts at their store -- I am still waiting for a response.  The phone does not have a SIM card.  Altogether my experience here has been unusually unsatisfactory and will heavily weigh into my decision about my contract.  (I suppose this part of the discussion does not specifically deal with the technical problems of the phone, but it all relates)

My questions to you are:

1. Do you have any better idea than me about what is wrong with my LG Cosmos (let me know if you need more details)?

2. Do you have any idea what I can do to save my contacts -- would I have access to them, at least to save them manually -- if I decide to switch providers?

3. In your experience, what do you think I could do in regards to the next 3 months of my contract if I cannot find a way to fix my LG Cosmos?  I would not be willing to renew my contract for another 2 years just to pay so much for a new phone when I could get better deals with other providers.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Re: LG Cosmos screen not working - need to know how to proceed

Buy a used phone form ebay or find a friend or family member that has a verizon branded phone sitting in a drawer not being used you can borrow.  You would be surprised at how many people keep old phones.  I have 3 flip phones sitting here in case one of our phones breaks.  On our plan the samsung intensity 3 and the cosmos 2 is free with a contract re-sign so maybe you have that option?    Mary

Re: LG Cosmos screen not working - need to know how to proceed
Customer Support

I'm so sorry that you have been having these problems with your Cosmos screen, unsatisfiedcustomer999. It's hard to say what it may be because technology can be tricky that way. One day something works, the next day, it just doesn't through no fault of your own. With the phone being out of warranty we are not able to replace it. The insurance actually extends the warranty.
You may be able to contact LG directly at 800-793-8896 or at
to see what repair options they have. You would have to send your phone in to them for repair. Therefore, if you have another phone that you can activate, you can use that in the meantime.
From what I can tell, you never set up BackUp Assistance  on your phone. This is a great free feature that saves all of your contacts for you so you don't have to worry about losing your contacts again. If  you didn't set this up on the phone and the screen or power doesn't work on the phone it would be very difficult to transfer pictures. In the future, you can get an SD card that would store your pictures and at least you can take the SD card out to save them to your computer as an extra precautionary measure to make sure your precious photo memories aren't lost.
We do hope you stay with us and become a satisfied customer once again and we want to do all we can do to help provide you with different options.

Thanks for your time!

Tamara H.
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