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Enthusiast - Level 1

LG Exalt will pair with Ford SYNC and then disconnect shortly after?

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Customer Service Rep

Dear Troubledone,

Good morning. I know the importance of being able to pair your devie to your car. I am sorry to see that you have been experiencing difficulites with pairing your phone to your Ford vehicle.

Before the pairing disconnects, do you see an error message? Does it disconnect while performing a certain function? Have you also tried contacting the dealership regarding your vehicle disconnecting from the Bluetooth connection?

Thank You,
VZW Support
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Enthusiast - Level 1

I am having the same issue with a 2009 Lexus RX 350. It's a brand new phone and it will not retain it's bluetooth connection. I read in another forum that the phone has to be open for the bluetooth to work.  Is that correct?

Customer Service Rep


I, too, use my car kit Bluetooth feature daily!  Let's ensure you're able to use your Bluetooth feature on your device as well.

You are correct; the LG Exalt currently requires the flip to be open for the Bluetooth functionality to work properly.  Are you only experiencing problems when the device is flipped close?  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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Enthusiast - Level 1

I also have the same issue with keeping the phone paired.  It seems to only work when I turn off bluetooth from the phone to the uconnect device then back on.  It will work with the phone closed for the time the truck is on.  One I leave and come back, they cannot connect unless I again turn off off bluetooth from that device then back on.  What I am reading makes no sense that the phone has to be open, that kind of defeats the purpofe of having the phine in your pocket (and open).  I had a Mororola v204 from 2008 with the same truck  (2012 liberty) working (closed) without any issue.  In fact it worked better.  Is there some kind of profile fix for this - it shouldn't be this hard.

Customer Service Rep

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
The software team has provided this information

Here are some tips/cautions/troubleshooting steps from the User Manual, page #`s referenced (see Tips and Cautions). Please advise if this helps.

Connect & go (pg 5)
Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with
your speakerphone. Then:
1 Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
2 Turn on the speakerphone. After the blue light
comes on and you hear, ready to pair, follow the
voice prompts to pair and connect with the device.
3 Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device,
and enter passcode 0000 if prompted.
4 When the device and speakerphone connect,
you will hear pairing complete.
Tip: After you pair the first time, if you take your device
out of range of the speakerphone and return, press the
Call button on your speakerphone twice, and the
devices will reconnect.
Settings (pg 12)
make some changes
Press and hold while turning on your speakerphone to adjust these settings:
Voice prompts
Caller ID
Multipoint (two phone) connections
Factory default reset
Caution: This action erases all pairing information stored in your speakerphone.

Problems? (pg 13)
My speakerphone will not enter pairing mode
Make sure that any devices previously paired with the
speakerphone are turned off. If the status light is
flashing in blue, first turn off the other device, then turn
the speakerphone off and on. The status light becomes
steadily lit in blue and you hear ready to pair.
My phone doesn`t find my speakerphone when
Make sure the status light on your speakerphone is
steadily lit in blue when your phone is searching for
devices. If not, turn off the speakerphone and press and
hold while turning on again and follow the voice
prompts to reset the speakerphone to factory default
condition. The speakerphone resets and you hear ready
to pair and see the status light steadily lit in blue.
My speakerphone worked before, but now it`s not
Make sure your phone is on and the Bluetooth feature is
turned on in your phone. If the Bluetooth feature was
turned off or was turned on only temporarily, you may
need to restart the Bluetooth feature and pair your
phone and speakerphone again (see Connect & go on page 5).

Please let us know if any of these steps have helped.

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Enthusiast - Level 2

What happens to my 2014 Ford Escape and my LG Exalt is simply this . . . The Exalt actually goes into Privacy Mode. If you pick up the Exalt handset you just hit 'OK' and it will connect you on the phone with your call and caller - but not over the voice command module in the Ford Sync system.

I will try this fix you have above . . . but if it doesn't work I will be back here to get a correct answer. It is maddening that one of the cheapest phones out there can't Sync with Sync . . . even with Bluetooth 3.0

Enthusiast - Level 2

I have had the same problem with my Priuses.  My older prius had no problem pairing with any and all of my previous phones (and family member phones) but kept disconnecting the exalt.  the exalt is the only phone I have paired with my new prius, and it still does not connect automatically.  Leaving it open will use up the battery a lot faster.

However, on the instructions you cited, it says to hit the call button twice to reconnect the Bluetooth after you've been away.  What is the call button on the Exalt?  I see no  button on the Exalt that corresponds to the icon on the button shown in the online manual you reference.  If I hit the send button twice it goes to my call history and calls the top number, so that will not work.

This really is a crappy phone.  The non-smart phones I used to have worked a lot better.

Enthusiast - Level 2

Also, when I first paired the exalt it worked in the closed phone mode, so I do not understand why having it open would make a difference on subsequent uses.

Enthusiast - Level 2

Does anyone have any idea why my Bluetooth connectivity drops off periodically as in whenever it wants to, on my LG Exalt cell phone? It's not only driving Verizon nuts but intern it's doing a number on me!  I purchased this phone new one month ago coming from Sprint to Verizon. Yippee!   Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!