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LG Extravert 2 Bluetooth Pairing Problem

Recently, I have been experiencing problems with bluetooth pairing on the LG Extravert 2 that I purchased in January. I was able to successfully pair the phone with a Jabra BT2035 earpiece and was able to use it the past 2 month. Just over the past week, my phone will not recognize the Jabra earpiece. Tried removing and adding the earpiece again and my phone still won't pair up. Need help here. Thanks.

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Re: LG Extravert 2 Bluetooth Pairing Problem

I have a similar problem with Verizon LG Extravert 2 staying connected to my Toyota by bluetooth.  I've had the unit only a few weeks, and have tried unsuccessfully to get the unit to connect (sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't) and to stay connected (incoming calls work most often, but not always; outgoing calls connect, but there's no audio).  On-line Verizon tech support referred me back to the Verizon store; the Verizon tech there couldn't even get the phone to connect.  Finally, two of them looked something up, shrugged, and said there's a compatibility problem (duh).  But this link says the Extravert is compatible with Toyotas:  So, Verizon, would you Please try to get to the bottom of this problem that has been complained about on-line since 2012?  I changed carriers of 10 years for the Verizon promise of better service, but so far, am disappointed.  Fortunately, I'm not on a contract so could take my business elsewhere--but, Verizon should have access to expert techs who can solve this in about an hour, if given the opportunity.  Please try to fix this.  Second thing:  Take responsibility in selling phones to ask the customer what kind of car they drive, and tell the customer whether your phone will or will not work with that model car.  Third:  Guaranteeing service with only an option to replace the unit with an identical unit is, well, nuts.  I hope you can make a smarter arrangement than this.