LG Revere (VN150) crashed after failed software update

My LG Revere (VN150) crashed after a failed software update.

After having no success pairing a bluetooth device, tried a software update. Update downloaded and supposedly installed successfully, however shortly after the "success" message. After it restarted the phone, it displayed another message that said something to the effect that the update failed and was shutting down. it never came back on by itself. Did a manual start, and only get the Verizon Wireless logo on the screen. It will not shut down manually, have to remove the battery to do so. Tried the troubleshooting guide, but it wasn't much help. It said to remove the battery, replace the battery cover, and remove the memory card. What memory card? After leaving the battery out for about 10 minutes, reinstalled and did a manual start. Back to the logo now. Am now holding a useless paper weight and no phone. If this ever gets resolved, I hope I haven't lost all my contacts and calendar. Any suggestions for a fix?

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Re: LG Revere (VN150) crashed after failed software update
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This is certainly concerning to hear! I want to make sure that you have a properly functioning device. Have you tried taking the device to a nearby store location for physical review of the device?

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