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LG VX5500 Backup Assistance help!

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I  have an LG VX550 with a blank screen.  I can make and receive calls, everything works, I just can't see anything on the screen.  I request the exact keystrokes used to download B@ckup @ssistance on an LG VX550 (so exact, that one need not even look at the screen).    Please answer his question, as I would like to know the answer.

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Re: LG VX5500 Backup Assistance help!
Super User
Super User

Without the screen, it would be quite difficult, as you can't tell when the download is finished (if it even proceeds) or if there are any error messages that would need to be dealt with in the process. 

If you want to back up your contacts before moving to another phone, it may not be necessary.  Although we use BUA on most of our phones, our local Verizon (corporate) store has been able to transfer contacts between phones whenever we have upgraded. 

You may also have success retrieving the contacts with a third party software like BitPim, and saving them to your computer as a txt or csv file.

Re: LG VX5500 Backup Assistance help!

I have no answer on the Backup Assistant question... I actually have a question for you. Did you find out what caused your screen to go white.  I have that same phone and it just did the exact same thing to me a couple days ago.  Nothing happened to it.. was working fine and I was looking at a text then out of nowhere it started, like, scrambling then turned white.  Every so often half the screen starts working and yesterday the phone went dead so I plugged it up and turned it back on and screen was back perfect. Made a phone call, hung up, and it turned white again!