Lg Extravert 2 Replacement
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My lg extravert 2 is getting old, it has a pull down keyboard which makes texting easy.. I am on a unlimited basic plan for $30.00....  Its my understanding that I cannot get a smart phone with data turned off under my basic plan..  All I see is flip phones with no keyboard making texting very difficult..


My aunty came over and just got t mobile $20.00 a month plan unlimited everything with a motorolla e6 smart phone with data turned off...


Any suggestions, im thinking about going to t mobile so I can get the same thing..I been with verizon over 14 years but with nothing to get but sub par flip phones is not well imo

Re: Lg Extravert 2 Replacement
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Burts, we don't want to see you leave us. I know how convenient it can be having a QWERTY keyboard when needed. Although we don't have any at this time, take a look at the phones we do have (https://www.verizonwireless.com/basic-phones/). What are you looking to do with your phone?