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Money,money and more money.

I have four phones that do not work.  I have been calling the customer service call center since the summer for a resolution in regards to my non working phones.   I have spent at least eight hundred dollars on refurbish phones and end up with the same problem.  I am tired of dishing out money for this old phones and months later the same thing happens over again then I told to do the same thing over.  I finally get one of my phones up graded and was told I had to hang up and call another rep so they can upgrade my other phones.  I did as I was told and was told that I was not able to upgrade until next year.   When I ask to speak to a manager I was put on hold for at least a half an hour and then was told no one was available to help me.   I ask how to file a complaint and no one knew what to do.   I was also given advice to go to another company if I was dissatisfied.  The customer service reps are rude and unprofessional when a problem arise and they cannot help.   I was also given option to by 4 phone at retail price over the course of 2 years.   All I'm asking is to get new phones so that I don't have to pay for refurbish phones and then pay again for my upgraded phone.  This is money I do not have.  If some is reading this please response.  

Thank you

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Re: Money,money and more money.
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I am a mite confused by your post.

Are you in a contract for all four basic phones? Are you still showing months or years for each device?

You will not get any upgrades unless your contract end dates on each line have passed. However you can simply pay full price and replace the devices before contract end dates, have the ESN EMEID swapped and then do a *228 SND select option 1 and listen to the prompts to set up each new phone for the verizon network.

You have to either change devices one at a time on line, or call customer service or go into a Verizon Corporate Store not a reseller, to have them swap out devices and set up new devices.

If you buy subsidized devices you are under a contract for two years and you will get hit with a $30 upgrade fee on each device you purchase at the reduced cost. So its $120 in upgrade fees. If you get these basic phones it will be at from Free up to a couple hundred dollars per device.

Good Luck