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My Cosmos 2's screen died...again

I am so fed up with Verizon. All I want is a basic phone that won't die on me four months after my warranty is up! Is that too much to ask for? Apparently! So here's the deal. My first Cosmos (1 not 2) died when my then 6 month old hit the "send" button. That's it. She didn't chew on it, drop it, nothing. She hit a button. The display stopped working completely. What good is a phone if I can't see anything? Frig! So I go up to the local Verizon store, use an early upgrade, and get a Cosmos 2. Just this past week, the display on my Cosmos 2 went. What the heck? I don't abuse my phones. Yeah, they'll get dropped on occasion but for the most part, they're taken care of. Naturally, I go up to vzw to see what they can do for me. NOTHING! That's what they can do. NOTHING. Except tell me to use another upgrade (this would be my second in a year, and I'd have to steal someone else's upgrade on my plan) and get yet ANOTHER phone AND renew my contract. Yes Verizon, because you've given me SO many reasons to do this! So now I'm using my husband's very old, very beat up EnV2. The front display is cracked and the battery dies 2 minutes into a phone call if its not plugged in. Any suggestions on GOOD basic phones? Old or new! I'll find it on Ebay.

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Re: My Cosmos 2's screen died...again
Contributor - Level 1

I currently have the samsung brightside. Have had the same phone with no problems for over a year now and its a great phone. Other phones i would suggest is the env3 and the octane.

Re: My Cosmos 2's screen died...again
Customer Service Rep

I don't want you fed up with us or your phone snackpack618. I can understand why you're frustrated with your phones not lasting. We definitely stand behind our phones and want them to last as long as a customer wants but they do have a shelf life depending on how they are used. Additionally, if a phone is dropped at all it can cause issues with the phone at that time or later. If you currently have a phone and it's having issues but you're not eligible to upgrade or have insurance, we got options. You can purchase a certified pre-owned device . Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. ^KH

Re: My Cosmos 2's screen died...again
Master - Level 3

You can find new-in-box basic phones on eBay for cheap. Or sometimes it pays to check Craigslist a couple times a day (the reason I say a couple times a day is the inexpensive basic phones get snapped up right away).

My dad's EnV2 kept shutting off on its own, so last weekend I bought an Intensity 2 and an EnV3 from a nice young lady on Craigslist -- $20 total for both phones and they're in decent shape and fully functional. I've had great luck with sellers, but just a warning: There are a lot of scammers and strange individuals on Craigslist, so always meet in a public place and during daylight hours.

A basic phone that always got good reviews is the LG Octane. Maybe check Amazon, eBay and Craigslist for one of those. Good luck.

Edited to add: It's best to check the ESN ahead of time to make sure it can be activated. Or meet in a Verizon store and activate before paying the seller. The phones I bought were cheap enough that I didn't bother, but there's no way I'd pay a lot more and not check first.