My "locked" texts were stolen!

Please, someone help!  I have a Samsung Alias 2.  My ex-husband sent a series of insane, sometimes threatening texts.  I "locked" them in order to be able to delete my inbox without deleting THEM and was going to forward them to my yahoo email account.  I had them and a few texts from other people that were sentimental to me up until today.  I just went in to forward the ones from my ex and they are ALL GONE!!  There were over 100!!  The ones from the other people are still there, safe and sound.  His dad is a computer genius.  Is it possible they remotely got into my phone somehow and deleted them??  I don't want to sound crazy (epic fail, there) but how could all of HIS be gone and the others aren't??   By the way, his texts were very recent and the other saved ones were both older AND newer so it's not like it was an auto-clean thing or something.  Uggghhh...I am devastated.  These were going to court Smiley Sad

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