No Early Upgrades Due to Bad Phones

I contacted Verizon and wanted to get an early upgrade because the phones I got are horrible.

We got two of the Casio GzOne Brigade Phones because they were rugged and we spend a lot of time at the beach. Well you can not see the screen in daylight, the screen goes blank for no reason on both phones intermittently and a host of other problems including being very slow to respond, short battery life etc. There was also suppose to be a data cable available for purchase but Verizon or no other dealer on the internet or anywhere else has it available for purchase? We paid $49.99 I believe for each phone when our upgrade came about and after a year were so frustrated with them we found some old Blackberry Curves to transfer our service to. I am not saying Casio has bad phones as this is the only one I tried and I am not happy with this paticular model and the supposed availability of certain equipment/data cables.

Our upgrade is not until December 2012 on these two phones and Verizon will not offer an early upgrade even though I believe these particular model phones should have been recalled for many reasons. I know Verizon probably loses money on the phones but I am sure they more than make it up with the two year service commitments.

I have another phone in the family ready for upgrade but I refuse to upgrade it. I am asking friends on Facebook etc. which company has the best phones, customer service etc. so I can decide what my next move will be for phone service and phones. I am getting a ton a feedback which I will not discuss here. Verizon also offers no perks like rollover minutes and no longer offers unlimited internet service. I like Verizon and have been with them for years but feel they may be falling behind other companies and I do not like the price changes.

I thought wireless phone services would become more reasonably priced as they evolved. I should have never upgraded or opted to change services as I have other friends who have grandfathered plans which are much cheaper and offer more perks like the continued unlimited internet pricing. I want my old plan back, I was an idiot to make any changes to my service in the past.

Not a complaint really, just thinking out loud on here and getting opinions and feedback wherever I can find places to post and ask questions.

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Re: No Early Upgrades Due to Bad Phones

MacDaddy65 wrote:

Our upgrade is not until December 2012 on these two phones and Verizon will not offer an early upgrade even though I believe these particular model phones should have been recalled for many reasons. I know Verizon probably loses money on the phones but I am sure they more than make it up with the two year service commitments.

that's the problem. they do make the $ back on 2 year contracts, but you stated that you've had these phones for about one year. if they let us all early upgrade at one year, then it's not really 2 years that they get to recoup the money. if it's been less than one year, then your phones are under warranty and you can have them replaced. maybe the replacement casios would would better than the ones you have now. i recommend to people that they get their phones replaced at the first sign of trouble. you will either get a replacement that work, or you wont.....but if you don't then you replace it again. it's difficult to get a different model, but if you get 3-4 of the same model and they all have the same issue that can't be resolved, then they will eventually they you select a comparable phone (different model). the problem is that if you wait until a year, or even 11 months, it's too late. i know this doesn't help you now (unless you're under one year), but it's just something to consider in the future.

as far as your other questions go, verizon still ranks #1 in overall customer satisfaction (followed by sprint, t-mobile, and at& that order). the phone question is a personal preference. right now, i think that at&t has the "best" phone (htc oneX). however, 5 months ago i thought verizon had the best one (htc rezound or razr maxx). in a couple of weeks i think they will all have the best phone (galaxy s III). to me it depends on what your prefer (manufacturer, user interface, etc, etc) and when you are in the market (timing is tough. for example, if you got the razr, then you'd be ticked a month later when the razr maxx launched....or if you got a thunderbolt in october, you'd be pretty upset when the rezound launched 2 months later).

and nobody likes price changes, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. i happen to live in AZ and there are no other acceptable options for me. coverage for the other 3 major carriers is awful around most of the state. if i lived in an area that had excellent coverage from a cheaper carrier AND i didn't travel, then i'd likely be with someone else....but that's just not the case and there's nothing more frustrating to me than having no signal. i have to get pretty far out in the desert to lose a signal with verizon. one other thing to onsider is that they are moving to shared, tiered data plans before your next upgrade. who knows, maybe they'll offer a cheaper shared plan than 2 $30 plans. i'm hoping for something like $5 gb's for $50-70 per month to share. if they offer something like that it would be cheaper than 3 data plans at $30 each (i have 3 lines but my wife and son don't have smart phones because we don't want to pay $30/month each for them!!!!).

just my 2 cents.

Re: No Early Upgrades Due to Bad Phones
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It is not true they offered me an upgrade I'm on my third Thunderbolt but they want me to renew two more yrs plus pay what they call a significant discount The problem is the company is based soley on what the can get away with. They profess professional ethics and maybe some a good sense of morals but ask the next customer service rep what is listed as company ethics when they don't know ask them the definition of ethics. LOL I am going to advise what will make you happier in life make it abit more easy. Just let go of VZ find a company that has the service this company once had. As I have said:

I have been a loyal VZ customer since they acquired bell atlantic mobile in my area I have payed my bill month after month year after year It isn't the company it once was it taught cs reps to care about individual customers and try to resolve their problems and issues. That sadly is a thing the company no longer encourages their cs reps to do try an experiment and ask for a supervisor a couple of times,  all most all my friends and family are with other carriers. I have been foolish enough to hang on to my last gasp but as soon as I fulfill my end of the contract I am washing my hands of them. I feel as I owe everyone I recommend their service to an apology. My advice to you and to anyone that ever brings up wireless sevice VZ is don't use them you will only end up frustrated and disappointed. It of course is your decision but believe me save yourself the punishment.find a company that treats their customers the way VZ used too and be happy!!. There is a reason they have lost the accolades that they use to advertise that they where number one in customer service year after year. Verizon does not care about the individual customer anymore they are a giant to big for their britches. They only way they will respond they way they used to is if enough of their customer base slips away. I am leaving I suggest you do too before you experience their true nature, If you deal with the devil what do you expect.?