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Pantech Caper - Backup Assistant failure; no Bluetooth file transfer; no USB modem drivers

I just purchased a Pantech Caper TXT8035PP to replace an ancient Motorola V326.I use it on a grandfathered basic pre-pay plan, just some calling, voicemail, texting.

I want to maintain my contacts. I've tried three things... none work.

When I try to access Verizon's Backup Assistant, I get an Error! page that says:

Backup Assistant cannot connect to the Data Network. Please try again later. Error code 216.

I've tried multiple times... no success.

When I use Bluetooth to connect to a Mac, I can only pull one ID card from the Mac to the Caper... the ME card in Mac notebook... no others.

When I use Bluetooth to try to pull a .VCF file of key contacts from the Mac to the Caper using File Transfer, I can reach the Public folder on the Mac where I put the .VCF file, can view the .VCF file name on the Caper display, but when I select the file to download it to the Caper, I get an Error page that says:


Interestingly, when I try to send several ID cards from the Caper to the Mac via Bluetooth, I can mark one or more contact records, send them, and the Mac receives each record as one .VCF file and I am able to choose which ones to add to the Macs address book.

When I try to use USB to connect to a PC, I am unable to locate the Pantech USB modem driver in Windows, on the Pantech Web site, in the Verizon Web site, or in the results of running the Verizon VZ_Access-UM150-Win.exe file which actually places a number of Pantech driver files and .inf files in the /Program Files/Pantech/PANTECH USB Modem directory. Device Manager checks the Caper and I direct it to the PANTECH USB Modem directory, but Device Manager says that there is no Pantech USB Modem file found.

I'm stymied.

While I can transfer multiple contact records from the Caper to the Mac, I can't find a way to transfer more than one contact record (only for ME) back to the Caper.

Is there a setting I need to tweak? Is there a prepaid plan setting that I need Verizon's help to fix?

So far, making the switch really isn't working out. With the Motorola, I could manage my contacts with Motorola Phone Tools. With the Caper I can't.

Please help!

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