Phone issues Intensity III
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Having an issue with my Samsung Intensity III. I just got it back in February and already it's starting to wear out it seems. The slider I noticed something looking like it is going to start sticking out. Not sure if it's some circuitry board or what. Very thing piece down there. Can't see what it is. But never noticed it before. Sliding the phone open and closed seems a bit rough and scratchy now to. Also when I clicked on the menu page it had the icon going all over the place to the different menu options. And it did this when I clicked to see my call list. It continuously was scrolling thru the different call lists. I shut the phone down and turned back on. Now it seems to be fine. But seems to be only a matter of time before I have a problem. I did not bother to get insurance this time around and figures I have a problem. The phone isn't even a year old so is there some kind of warranty still? I can't upgrade til 2015 unless I want to pay full price. Not sure what to do. Want to just get a smart phone, probably not a pain like these basic phones where you can get dirt and crap in there to mess them up.

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